Decoding His Body Language: 12 Body Language Signs that a Man Likes a Woman 

Sometimes we say more with no words than we do verbally. It’s the same in love, and you can often figure out what he’s thinking even without him having to say it. Body language is an amazing thing, and if you know how to read it, you can spare yourself a lot of pain and heartbreak. Here are 12 signs you can easily read that will reveal whether or not he’s into you.

1. He smiles with his whole face

When we genuinely smile, our whole face is showing the reaction. If he is really interested, his mouth will be wide and you will be able to see his teeth. But the smile will extend beyond just mouth – his eyes will squint a little and his forehead will be lifted. This will tell you that he really finds you interesting and funny. If he just gives you a slight smile by moving his lips, you might have a problem.

2. He leans forward

If he leans towards you when you speak, it means that he’s genuinely interested in what you’re saying and that he finds you engaging. This may not be the case in a noisy place where he would have to lean forward to hear you. But if you’re somewhere quiet and he still does it, you got a clear sign that this guy wants to know more about you.

3. He’s facing you

Well, this one should go without saying. If a guy you’re talking to is doing everything he can to turn away from you, we have bad news for you. If his pelvis is turned towards you, however, you have a good shot that he might like you. This is also a sign of sexual desire, so if you’re standing opposite each other, there’s a better chance that he likes you than if his feet and pelvis are facing somewhere else.

4. But looks somewhere else while he’s taking to you

This one is a bit tricky, because we just said that a guy who is facing you is much likely interested in you. However, let’s not forget one important factor – shyness. The man that can’t seem to face you while he’s speaking and often looks away might be keeping his options open, but he also may be intimidated by you and therefore avoiding eye-contact. So you need to look for other signs as well to be sure.

5. He walks next to you

Whether this man and you are together or not, this is an important giveaway. Try to remember what this guy does when you two are walking. Is he constantly a few steps ahead of you while you struggle to catch up? Does he creates a distance when he walks beside you? All of these things are a sign that he’s not too interested and that he thinks about himself. But if your guy is close by you when you walk, he’s a keeper.

6. His voice changes

Recent studies have shown that if a man likes a woman, he will subconsciously change his voice and manner of speaking. His voice will become deeper and he will sound s little as if he was singing. Even though they don’t do it on purpose, according to the experts they do it to seem more masculine and less intimidating.

7. He gesticulates more

Considering he’s probably nervous when he’s taking to you, or he just wants to attract more attention, you may catch him moving his hands a little too much during a conversation. He will exaggerate his movements, start touching his clothes or he may start playing with something on the table. Don’t worry too much about it, that just means you make him nervous.

8. He licks his lips

Alright, this can mean he really wants you and he’s not afraid to show it. But in that case, he will be doing it on purpose and you won’t really need to guess what he wants from you. But if you catch him doing it spontaneously, it means he genuinely likes you. Experts in body language say that we produce more saliva when we like someone, and so we lick our lips more. The other thing he may be doing is biting his lip slightly, which an obvious sign of sexual desire and then it’s up to you what you’ll do about it.

9. He puts his hands on his hips

When it comes to male-female relationships, we still keep some of that animalistic in us occasionally. And so the boy who often puts his hands on his hips does it to take up more space and attract more attention. But be careful, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you, he just want you to notice him and like him.

10. He crosses his legs turning towards you

If you’re sitting side by side, especially when there are other people around, and he crosses his leg so that he faces away from you, you may be in trouble. But if he crosses his leg so that he’s now leaning towards you, there’s your green light. While crossing one’s legs is usually translated as a sign of disinterest, it can also just mean that a guy is shy.

11. He presses his palm against yours when he holds your hand

When a guy holds your hand like he never wants to let go, you know this guy is seriously into you. He presses his palm against yours and your fingers interlock. Holding hands is a symbol of connection between you, and a lot can be read from it. If a man just barely holds your hand, arching his palm a little, it may be time to reconsider how close you actually are.

12. He touches his hair or his throat

Girls are famous for touching their hair when they’re interested in a guy, but guys do it too. If h, for example, messes up his hair, he’s showing you that he likes you. Similarly to that, if a guy occasionally touches his throat, it means that it’s important for him to come across well and for you to find what he’s saying interesting.