Defined Cheekbones in 4 Easy Steps

Defined cheekbones, like the ones Kim Kardashian has, can get you the spotlight you deserve and not to mention take years off your face. Of course, not everyone is blessed with naturally defined cheekbones like Kim is, but have no fear – it is nothing that a little makeup can’t fix. You just need to know how to assemble your makeup properly, and we will give you a push in the right direction with our easy step-by-step guide. Follow it to achieve those great-looking defined cheekbones that will make the boys turn their heads.

Step 1: Apply bronzer 

You have two options, it’s either you use a cream bronzer or the powdered bronzer. But I recommend you use a cream bronzer – it helps you achieve a more natural look (if that is something you are aiming for). And it is more convenient to use because you could control the direction of the bronzer and the amount used. When choosing a color, choose one that is darker than your skin tone. You could also use the powdered bronzer if you’re more comfortable with that product.

How to apply cream bronzer?

When applying the bronzer, you must draw a fine line. You could either use your fingers or a brush. Draw the line right below the brow bone, start from the ear and as you go downwards make your lines thinner. Stop at your cheekbone, at the position where you have a natural indentation. If you can’t find that indentation, suck in your cheekbones and it will become easier for you to spot it.

Using the powdered bronzer:

Use the bronzer blush, specifically that brush nothing else. Start applying a light stroke of bronzer below your cheekbone. You could start a centimeter away from the nose up to your temples. The next step is to blend – make sure you are blending it properly.

Step 2: Blush 

You should use blush when you’re contouring. If you don’t apply blush, people might think you’re sick.

Choosing the perfect shade for your skin tone: 

  • If you have a fair complexion, I recommend you use a soft pink with a peach undertone.
  • For women with olive skin, choose a brighter shade. Most likely a blue undertone.
  • For dark skin-toned women, a coral or hot pink shade would be just perfect.

How to apply blush:

Try using a cream blush because it is easier to blend and it gives you a more natural look. First wash your hands (you’ll be using them). Use your fingers to apply the cream, place it above the bronzer and the cheekbone itself. Gently tap as you are blending the blush.

Step 3: Concealer

Apply a touch of foundation below the contoured area. Use a brush or a cosmetic sponge to blend it to your skin, making it look more sculpted.

Step 4: Highlighter 

The last step is to highlight. Add highlighter above the blush, on the bone itself and apply where it meets the temples.

Procedures when applying:

If you want to achieve a natural look, use your fingers as you’re blending it, NOT a brush.

Extra tip: You could apply highlighter on the inner corner of your eye and above the brow bone to give a bit light to your face.