Does Your Marriage Affect Your Weight Gain?

bright picture of couple eating different food

Remember the days leading to your wedding? Do you recall how you dieted and exercised to ensure that you look perfect on the big day? God forbid you have an ounce of unwanted and unsightly fat that could ruin the contour of your amazing wedding dress. Of course, it didn’t hurt that you want to look spectacular on your wedding night, too. You knew that the honeymoon is just as important as the wedding ceremony itself. And you want to look your very best for both. After all, you only get to experience it once, right (at least ideally)?

It’s not just the brides exerting effort into staying slim and toned for the wedding and honeymoon, either. The grooms are all about looking fine and dandy these days, too.

So both of you had the time of your lives, looking slim and happy. Fast forward a year, the honeymoon stage is over. You look into the mirror and what do you see? Gah! Could your waistline be expanding? Even the spouse seems to be sporting a little extra fat in the middle.

What’s going on?

Well, according to a 2011 study made in Ohio Sate, among people who get married, the average weight gain is around 20 pounds. This is especially true in women. And while many people will say that weight gain may actually be a sign of a happy marriage, it’s not always pretty, is it?

Judy Garman, a Texas health care professional, says there are many good explanations for the weight gain. As she explains it, after the wedding, lifestyle patterns change and that could lead to more food being consumed while getting less activity and exercise.

What are the most common culprits when it comes to weight gain during marriage?

  1. Television

Believe it or not, married people watch a LOT of TV. The reason for that is one person isn’t just watching the shows he or she personally wants to. He/she is also stuck watching whatever the spouse wants to watch.

And then, you watch the shows both of you want to watch. That’s like watching 200% more television than you ever did before. More hours sitting in front of the TV set means less time moving and doing something else. Hence, the fat accumulation.

2. Good, home-cooked meals

When the spouse is a good cook, enjoying more lavish meals is almost inevitable. And when the cook asks if you want some more, the answer is almost always yes. That’s because saying no might be construed as you didn’t like the meal. So you avoid hurt feelings and a possible fight and just keep eating even after you’re full.

3. Marriage quality

Now here’s the science behind the “happy marriage equals fatter couples” theory. There is actually a study that found it to be true. Couples who have a happy marriage do tend to pack on more pounds than those who are suffering an unhappy union. Why? Because happy couples tend to enjoy doing stuff together, and that includes eating.

So does your marriage affect your weight gain? It would be unfair to blame it all on the marriage but it definitely can contribute to the excess poundage and more prominent love handles you’re sporting lately. If you notice your eating and lifestyle habits have changed to match your spouse’s, then make sure you manage to squeeze in a few workout sessions when possible. And oh, it might be nice to get the spouse to tag along, too.