Dressed in Black from Head to Toe

When you’re having a bad fashion day, you don’t know what to wear, or you just feel too tired to search for an outfit to fit your mood, black is the solution. We all have black garments in our closet. Why? It’s simple. Black is the perfect color. It acts like a canvas, emphasizing your face, hair or figure, depending on which piece of clothing you decide to wear.

However, dressing completely in black can be a bit boring and pulling off an all-black outfit takes more than you would think. To look chic and different, it takes to be bold and have a couple of tricks up your sleeve. This kind of boldness does not necessarily need to revolve around color or shape, but the combination of textiles, fashion styles and jewelry.

Here are some tricks to help you dress in black but stay on fashion track.

1. Play with the textures – Black will never be boring if you mix different kinds of textiles. For example, black leather or leather-like pants combined with an oversized black woven pullover, fur coat and boots will give you the modern, expensive look you’re aiming at. Same way, an A-line woven skirt will go perfectly with a tight top and a tight leather jacket. Also, this winter shorts are a big must-have in every closet. When it’s cold outside, you can combine black shorts with leggings and a tucked-in blouse or a button down shirt for a more sophisticated look. Add a black hat and a fur coat and you are ready to go.

2. Graphic sweaters – Prints are making a comeback and if “uniqueness” is the word that defines your style, make sure to get a sweater with a graphic print. That print can be a message that you would like to send out to the world, your motto, even the name of your favorite band or city. With this piece of clothing you are making a fashion and personal statement.

3. Jewelry that stands out – As mentioned above, black clothes are a perfect canvas. Just as it emphasizes your look, it gives you a perfect opportunity to play with the jewelry. However, it’s not the best idea to wear black jewelry with black clothes, because that way nothing will stand out. Play with the size, shape and color of the jewelry and contrast it with the clothes for an even better look.

4. Details, details, details – We know that less is more, of course, but when wearing black, you present yourself as a person that wants to shut the world out. With details such as sewn-in pearls on your blouse, studs or feathers on your jacket or your shoes, your look will be sophisticated and feminine, while still chic and different. For a look that stands out even more, get a medium-sized feather and attach it to your favorite earring. Wear the feather only on one ear and watch the heads turn for you.

5. Sheer and see-through – An outfit combining black lace and sheer materials will instantly give you the interesting note. With these two, you will need layers, and the skin showing will be a detail that does not require jewelry.

6. Experiment with layers and cut – Asymmetry has been very popular for the last couple of seasons. There’s a reason why, too. Asymmetrical pieces of clothing such as skirts or sweaters elongate your figure, creating an illusion of a model-like figure, which is something most of us want. Get crazy with layers, cuts and materials. It will give your outfit a different and interesting tone.

7. Crop top and prints – For a more sexy look, pick a crop top to go with leather pants or leggings. With a cardigan over it, your combination will be noticed, but still keep a little class, since you’re not explicitly showing off skin. For a more classic look, pick a discrete print to freshen the whole outfit.

8. Shoes – Sometimes, all you need to boost your look is a really good pair of shoes. If your outfit is simple as it is, and you want to make it more modern, boots over the knee or short boots with glitter are the way to go. Combine them with a short skirt or black shorts and get your ideal look instantly.