Fashion Tips: How to Look Fabulous on a Small Budget

It really is nice to look fashionable all the time, isn’t it? There’s something about nice, good-fitting, trendy clothes that can just boost your confidence in an instance.

Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to be on the forefront of fashion these days. For one, clothes cost money. And with the state of the economy, chic clothes and handbags must take the back seat to the essentials.

But if you’re a fashion-forward woman, you won’t let budget constraints keep you from looking fabulous, would you? You may have financial woes. That doesn’t mean that you can’t look awesome with a smaller budget.
This is how you do it.

Shop smart.

Looking good doesn’t always mean spending a fortune. There are many trendy shops that offer huge collections of trendy pieces at more reasonable prices. You can check out brands like Forever 21, H&M and even Target.

Here are a few other shopping options:

  • charity shops – good clothes are usually found at incredible bargain prices
  • budget high street shops – all you need is a good eye and you can go home with an armful of trendy clothing at half the price in other shops
  • supermarkets – clothes are available for cheap prices if you have the patience to look for sizes
  • eBay – people sell used clothing cheap all the time. You may even be lucky enough to find brand new ones.

Choose quality over quantity.

If you must splurge on any item, then let loose on something that’s timeless. Put it this way, you may be going gaga over that peplum dress in that gorgeous shade of royal blue. But ask yourself, is the peplum style bound to be relevant in the next 12 months or so? Does that make it worth the $500 price tag? Or is it better to go with the sophisticated and classic little black dress that you can wear over and over again?

Have a swap party.

Swap parties, also called swishing, is on the rise. The way it works is you invite some friends over and ask them to bring a selection of clothes and accessories they don’t want anymore. While sipping on drinks and nibbling on appetizers, each person goes up, holds out the items she brought and explains why she’s giving it away. Other people can then choose to get them.

Swishing is great because you can get rid of old clothes and gain new ones without spending a dime.

Shop at the Junior Section.

This is where smaller women have an advantage. Petite people can shop from the children’s department. Don’t scoff at this tip, either! The children’s section can provide you with good clothing like t-shirts and socks at a fraction of what you’d have regularly paid for it.

Shop Off-Season.

Yes, doing this means you risk getting last season’s items. They were hot then, they’re passé now. That’s true. And that’s exactly why you’re not going to look for what was trendy then. What you should keep an eye out for are the items that will still look good today.

Looking fabulous on a tight budget is tricky. But all you need to do is be smart about how you spend your money and find the right places to shop. You can keep up with the trends without them having to cost an arm and a leg.