For Men: Top Fashion Tips For Starting Your Career

Even men needs to be fashionable in searching for the right job. Being fashionable doesn’t require high amount, expensive clothes and shoes, but all they need to do is to mix and match like women do. It should be fashionable, comfortable and have a high quality. Men can choose the clothes that they can wear during the interview; however, will that be the right clothes for the job that you want? Always be careful on what you choose. Before having the interview, take note of the following tips to start your career.

Shop wisely

There are a lot of clothes and shoes that are of a good quality as well as very expensive. Wearing formal clothes should not be expensive but should be fashionable; you can mix and match them without looking cheap. Trousers, jackets, suits and neckties are the ones that you need; you just need to be creative so you can look stylish without having to spend too much.

Choose an appropriate color

Wearing suits for example should be in a proper color. Common colors are black, dark blue, navy blue and gray. White shirt or white sleeved are still the best for the job, pairing it with black necktie. You should also consider the shoes that you are going to use; black shoes will be the best for any kinds of formal suit or clothes. Black will always be elegant and will never go out of style.

Appearance will speak for you

Proper grooming is a must for the job that you want. If you can see that your haircut doesn’t suit best for your job, maybe, it’s the right time for you to run to the hair shop. If you have a heavy perfume that stinks, forget using it and start changing into a light one. Always think about this, avoid getting dirty because it will really affect your job trust me. If you’re a person who really likes jewellery, leave it at home. Too much accessories in your body doesn’t make you cool, stay as neat as possible.

Phone Discussion

Don’t be shy to ask for the attire during your phone discussion. It is one of the most important things for the interview. This will also be the first thing that you need to keep in mind. Phone discussion is helpful for a person to know what to wear for the interview.


For the clothes that you will choose, consider the size of it. Make sure that you will feel comfortable to move while you are wearing it. Tight fitting suits doesn’t work, this will give you uncomfortable feeling and will worsen the tension when you will have the interview.

During the job interview or in starting your career, keep in mind that being neat will always be presentable. No need to wear expensive devices or even accessories. There’s no space for expensive attire, all you need to do is to match it with the other clothes and look good for that and always carry yourself with confidence.