Get the Perfect Eyebrows by Avoiding These Mistakes

Eyebrows complete the beauty of your face. A well-groomed eyebrow can enhance and bring attention to your sparkling eyes. On the other hand, managing your eyebrows incorrectly may ruin even the most beautiful face in the world. Avoid doing these common mistakes so that you won’t ruin the natural beauty of your face.

1. Tweezing Often

Most women have developed the habit of tweezing their eyebrows almost every day. It’s not really a problem but it doesn’t give your brows enough time to grow out. Tweezing at least every three weeks is more ideal. Don’t worry too much about the hair that grows during this time because they are quite thin and light and are barely noticeable.

2. Too Dark Pencil

Always choose an eyebrow pencil that is at least a shade or two lighter than your eyebrow color. This will blend easily and will not overpower the natural color of your brows. A too dark eyebrow pencil can make you look older than you are and may look too harsh on your face.

3. Using Eyebrow Pencil without Blending

A solid looking line on your eyebrow does not look appealing to anyone. Make sure that you blend it in well by using the brush that comes with the pencil. Use light, feathery strokes when using the pencil so that it wouldn’t form a solid line. Light feathery strokes are also easier to blend in.

4. Wrong Arch

The arch is an all important feature of your brows. It should be in the correct place because the wrong place can give you a look of perpetual sorrow or confusion. To find where your arch should be, hold a pencil vertically against the outer side of your iris. Where the pencil touches your eyebrow, is where it should be. This will give you an idea of how to shape your eyebrows correctly.

5. Too Short or Too Long

The ends of your brows are just as important as the arch. Very long eyebrows would make your eyes look sad. Too short on the other hand, would make you look just a tad incomplete. It just has to be the right length. Find the end of your brow bone and you will find the right place to end your eyebrows as well.

6. Doing Everything Themselves

More often than not, women tend to experiment with their eyebrows. If you are not really sure about how your eyebrows should look, seek professional help. They will know how to make your eyebrows complement your face and can also tell you how to take care of it. Just think of it as an investment for your beauty.

As we have already mentioned, your brows can spell the difference between a face that’s perfectly put together and a disaster. Take notice of them and make sure that your brows naturally complement your facial features. A perfectly put together face will need just a bit of make up to enhance the other facial features. Giving more time and attention to your eyebrows will definitely add to your confidence.