Good and Bad Cholesterol: What is the Difference and What Foods Contain Which

Cholesterol is a fat that is necessary for our bodies. Although it is necessary, anything in excess may cause harm. There are two kinds of cholesterol, the good and the bad one. You would want to eat more of the good kind if you want to steer clear of getting heart problems. Here is a list of some common foods that may contain good or bad cholesterol to help you organize your diet.

Egg Yolk

Eating eggs will always be a part of our breakfast and other meals. But did you know that the egg yolks contain a good number of bad cholesterol? It doesn’t mean you have to stop eating them, you just have to limit the number of times that you eat eggs.


There are different kinds of fish out there and most of them are high in good cholesterol. You could try to include this more regularly in your diet. Salmon, mackerel and sardines are great sources of good cholesterol.

Ice Cream

This is another source of bad cholesterol. The all time favorite summer desert is packed with fat which isn’t good for you and actually one scoop of ice cream often contains more cholesterol than several glazed donuts.

Processed Meat

Processed meats like sausages, hotdogs, bacon and hams are very delicious to eat but can greatly increase the bad cholesterol in your body. These products are made from animals and are chemically treated for added flavor.


This food does not have fatty substances but is a good source of fiber that can help reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. This is good news for those who love eating oatmeal in the morning or munching on oatmeal cookies for snacks.


People have always said that avocado contains huge amounts of cholesterol. But studies have shown that fat from avocado is good for your health. You can now enjoy your guacamole dips without feeling guilty about it.

Leafy Green Vegetables and Fruits

This group of foods contains amounts of cholesterol that is good for your body. That’s why doctors will always push you to eat vegetables and fruits instead of large quantities of meat. They contain good cholesterol and also contain fiber that helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol.

Canola Oil and Olive Oil

Instead of using regular cooking oil, use canola or olive oil. These oils are healthier and contain good cholesterol.


Almonds and nuts in general may be a good source of good cholesterol for your body. They are healthy, filling and convenient to eat. Go ahead, have more.


Humans have always been fond of eating. Most of our holidays are centered on having a feast with our family. Being knowledgeable on what foods may be healthy for you and what may harm you can help you decide on what to eat. It doesn’t really mean cutting off bad cholesterol completely from our diets, we just want to have it in normal amounts that won’t harm our bodies so that we can lead a longer and more fruitful life.