Got a Hangover? Try These 10 Easy Recipes to Get Rid of It in No Time

Having a good time with your friends and family is something that you cannot avoid, and why would you want to avoid in the first place. However, if these good times include excessive alcohol drinking, you surely must have experienced hangovers the morning after. Dizziness, thirst, hunger, feeling sick and overall awful – don’t you hate that feeling? What you need are easy to make recipes to give you that quick pick up.

Oatmeal and Bananas

Just heat some water, pour it over a bowl of oatmeal and add sliced bananas. It’s a great source of energy and can also settle your stomach troubles.

Egg and Ham Sandwich

This is quite easy to do. Just prepare a sandwich with ham and eggs. Put on as much as you can to help you regain your strength. You can even do this while on the go, if you are rushing to work.

Banana and Kale Shake

Try making a shake out of kale and bananas. They are quite healthy and will quench your thirst in a zip! Keep it in a covered container and take sips of it every now and then. If you have to go out, you may also bring it with you.

Chicken Stock and Toast

Just heat some chicken stock and toast some bread, it’s simple, fast and filling. It can give you the much needed push to start the day.

Spicy Ramen

Cook instant ramen and add some chili or pepper on it. It will definitely wake you up.

Peanut Butter and Banana Toast

Eating may be an effort during a hangover, but you must if you want to regain strength. You can combine peanut butter and sliced bananas on a toast for that fast and easy nutrition that you need.

Pepper, Ham and Tomato Omelet

Slice some green peppers, ham and tomatoes, fold it into the beaten eggs and make an omelet. This is very nourishing and can help you clear your mind after an alcohol-laden night.

Mango-strawberry Shake

Drinking something cold and tasty is necessary to help you get your energy back. Throw in mango slices and some strawberries into the blender. Pour the mixture into a glass and carry it back to your room for more rehydration and rest.

Beef with Broccoli and Peppers

This is quite easy to do. Stir fry sliced beef, sliced broccoli and peppers, add spices according to your taste and you will have a complete meal to start your day!

Spinach and Cheese Omelet

This recipe contains most of what you need to recover all the lost nutrients in your body. Wash and chop the spinach, fold it into the eggs and add cheese. Put in as much as you can or as much as you want. You can also add pepper to perk you up.


Hangovers may cause you to swear never to drink too much alcohol again. That’s an inevitable scenario the morning after. But with the right food and enough rest, be assured that your suffering will be gone soon. Just make sure that you rehydrate yourself continuously and eat food that can sustain you and provide the vitamins that you need.