Guys, Never Wear These 8 Things Ever Again

In an attempt to follow the latest trends or desperately trying to hold on to the old ones, men can sometimes have a rather questionable sense of style.

Maybe you want to show off your body, or make a statement with your clothes. Or you just want to be comfortable all the time. We get it, but that’s not how fashion works, guys. Luckily, we’ve had some ladies on the case and we have assembled a list of 8 things you should never wear again.

1. Tiny Sweaters

You know those small, thin sweaters that make every muscle on your body show? – Not a good idea. We get that you have worked hard to get your body the way it is, and the fact that it’s winter isn’t helping you show the results. But wearing these just seems like a cry for attention. Think of these sweaters like the male equivalent of tights. You probably can’t pull it off and you probably shouldn’t. So, next time you go shopping, please stick to the size that actually fits, instead of opting for smaller sizes.

2. The Dreaded Socks and Sandals

This has got to be the biggest fashion crime in history. Sandals themselves are a very poor choice of footwear in the first place, but combining them with socks? – Awful. And we don’t even get the point. Is it hot enough not to wear sneakers but not hot enough to wear just sandals? Older guys tend to wear this combination more often, but it can be seen on young men as well. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you should never make this fashion mistake again.  Let’s just stick to sneakers here. Trust us on this one.

3. Fanny Pack

When it comes to accessories, it’s pretty tricky for men to choose the right option and pull it off. It’s easy for women – we get to put our million things we probably won’t need in our big bags and purses and drag them around all day. But fanny packs have unfortunately become a huge hit among men lately. Some guys are inseparable with their fanny pack because it contains all of their most valuable things. Sorry guys but, honestly, just don’t. Leave your valuables in the car. You don’t need a bag for your phone and wallet.

4. Cut-off Shirts

We agree with you, these shirts are great for showing off your biceps and they can actually look good on you – at the gym. But please, don’t go out in them! We understand that you’re proud of your body and want the world to see, but you just might seem desperate if you continue wearing these in public. Especially since guys have been taking cut-offs to the next level lately by making a DIY side-cut version of them. We guess that this way you can show off a whole lot more. Again, cool at the gym, big no-no basically anywhere else.

5. Fedoras

Even the name here is funny and that should say it all. And we know you think you look mature and all wearing these, but you don’t. We’re sorry to break it to you but you just look like a hipster who is trying to pull off something that can’t be pulled off. Well, except for Justin Timberlake maybe, he can pull off anything. But you are not him, and you just look ridiculous. So take that fedora from your closet, say goodbye to it and toss it somewhere no one will ever find it.

6. Jewelry

Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a little, but you tend to go overboard when it comes to jewelry as well. No, it’s not ok to wear that old bracelet you started wearing in high school, and no, it’s not ok to wear that ring your ex gave you as a gift. And it’s even worse to try to combine several pieces of jewelry at once. Unless you’re Johnny Depp, it’s not going to look cool. Instead of going into the grey area of men’s jewelry, we’d advise you to stick with the good old watch.

7. Saggy Jeans/Skinny Jeans

Guys have a tendency to wear things that don’t really fit them, just like these two pieces of clothing. Either you choose to get saggy jeans that don’t compliment your figure at all, as they dangle and we can see your underpants; or you squeeze into skinny jeans in which we can practically see everything you’re packing and it’s painful to even watch. We don’t know what you were trying to achieve with these poor clothing options, but we’re not feeling it. Next time you go jeans shopping, take your girlfriend, sister or a female friend with you to give you a helping hand. And find something that fits.

8. Flip Flops

Summer’s coming and you need to replace your shoes and sneakers with something more comfortable. Then a great idea strikes you – you should totally get a cool pair of flip flops to get you through the heat! Except, there isn’t such a thing as a cool pair of flip flops. There should be a law forbidding flip flops at every other place besides the beach. How many times have we seen those in restaurants and clubs; places where we really don’t want to see your feet. Please, stay away from them, unless you’re planning to go for a swim.