How a Girls Night Out Looks Like: From Excitement to Desperation

You are a beautiful, successful and single girl in your 20’s or 30’s and it’s Friday night – you look jaw-dropping, your friends are coming over to pick you up and you are heading to the club ready to have a wild night and maybe even meet your Prince Charming.

In theory this all sounds great, but being single and trying to meet someone interesting who could be your potential partner, or even just a passing fling for that matter, can sometimes be a very confusing experience to say the least. Every woman will tell you that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, but trying to find him in a loud crowded club in my personal experience looks something like this:

1. Phase One – Expectations

You are on your way to the club and you are thinking – is the atmosphere there going to be good, will there be cute guys, will I like the music, am I overdressed for the occasion, then again maybe I’m underdressed; maybe that cute guy from last week will be there again, God I hope I bump into him… Before stepping out of the cab you forget about these thoughts that were floating in your mind, you fix your makeup and make a grand entrance – let’s party!

2. Phase Two – Excitement

After a couple of drinks you conclude that the music and atmosphere are great – this is going to be a great night. One guy at the bar looks cute, and it seems that he is looking in your direction. You decide to order another drink before you win the dance floor– you are in such a good mood that you are thinking about doing the moonwalk, who cares, maybe even the robot. The night is young and promising!

3. Phase Three – Desperation

Desperation hits. After checking out the crowd at the dance floor some drunken guys try to fondle you, and one of them even tries a lame “where have you been all my life” phrase on you and you start wondering if this is really the best this city has to offer. Instead of this you could have stayed home – you would have saved your time and money, not to mention your nerves.

4. Phase Four – Jealousy

It’s a shame that the good-looking guy at the bar has a girlfriend, but they do make a cute couple. She is very pretty. And this is when you start comparing – is she prettier than you? All of a sudden someone pushes you – another couple. They can’t keep their hands off one another, they didn’t even notice that they stepped on you. You might as well be invisible, standing there like a barstool. Except for the freaks, they always notice you. You get jealous and wonder if you will ever have what those couples have.

5. Phase Five – Relief

After witnessing a fierce argument between the supposedly dream couple the jealousy has passed. She isn’t too happy that he is looking at other girls. He complains that she drinks too much and they cause a scene. At this point you think it is better to be alone than this. Relationships are awful! 

6. Phase Six – Identifying

At the bar, there is another girl next to you. You can see that she is outraged while she is being pestered by one of those drunken guys that tried to fondle you on the dance floor. You give her a compassionate look. You recognize each other as sisters in arms. Cheers girlfriend! 

7. Phase Seven – Determination

Even though a guy spills beer all over your new dress you are not letting this get to you. Your feet hurt, but you are determined to have a good time. You dance the night off with your friends, while the cocktails just keep on coming. Who cares about guys, there is always next week. You are having a great time!

8. Phase Eight – Hope

That’s it for tonight. The evening was nice, and you and your friends danced like crazy. You are not sorry you went out, after all you can eat ice cream and watch TV anytime. Now you just want to get something to eat and the evening will be perfect. Your friends laugh like crazy while you tell them about that guy’s pick up line. This isn’t the night when you will meet someone special, but you never know, maybe next time…