How to Break Free From Your Smartphone Addiction

Lately, everyone having a smartphone has become a completely normal and ordinary thing. Smartphones have become a part of almost all social layers of every society in the world. For many people, these phones have become something that they cannot imagine their lives without, relying on their applications for almost every aspect of life, from business to entertainment.

If you fit into the category of people who became addicted to checking their smartphones every couple of minutes (if not seconds) and without any goal or purpose, and if going an hour without checking it seems like an eternity, you might want to consider getting rid of this burdening habit and breaking free from your smartphone addiction. Here are 5 ways to deal with your addiction without giving up your smartphone completely.

  • Don’t go to bed with your phone. Besides the fact that phones’ radiation is harmful for your health, carrying your phone everywhere you go, including your bed when you go to sleep, is an obvious sign that you are addicted. Instead of putting yourself to sleep by looking at updates on social networks, you could read a book or watch some TV, or simply try to fall asleep without the help of technology. And yes, it is possible – the times when technology was non-existent are the obvious proof. So, do yourself a favor and leave your smartphone outside your bedroom when you go to sleep.
  •  Put your phone away. Leave it in a safe place, but put it out of sight (in a drawer, for example). Maybe the proverb ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ will prove to be true in this case. Also, you can make a deal with yourself to check your phone only a limited number of times (3-5) during the work day, or not check it at all if you decided to spend some quality time with your family. Don’t worry, if someone needs you, they will be able to reach you even if you are not holding your phone in your hands all the time – that’s what ringtones are for.
  •  Turn off notification sounds. The world will not end if you don’t see a new comment on your Facebook picture immediately after it has been posted. You don’t have to respond to every message right away. Turning off notification sounds will maybe make you less eager to check your phone every second, and your notifications will still be there when you check your phone later, after spending some meaningful, phone-free time.
  •  Take control of your applications. If putting your phone in airplane mode scares you and you don’t really want to be out of reach, especially if there is a chance that you might miss an important call or email, then prioritize and turn off the notifications for those applications you don’t really need in order to go through the day. For example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can check those applications later, but when you are having your relaxing, phone-free time, you don’t need them.
  • Find something else to do. Many people get bored throughout the day and they turn to their smartphones for entertainment. There are many apps that really can fill your free time and keep you entertained, but is that really the best thing you can do for fun? Isn’t there a hobby that you used to have before buying your smartphone? If not, you can always find a new one, one that requires your attention and doesn’t leave you thinking about checking your phone. Think about how much time you spend ‘socializing’ on social networks, or playing games on your phone. You could use that time to do something that will actually fulfill you, like learning to drive, ice skating, playing some sports, or simply meeting with your friends and having real conversations with them.

All these tips are here to help you in finding a way to be less attached to your phone at times you don’t really need it. Of course, we are not telling you to give it up – that wouldn’t be reasonable since they are so useful and helpful in our everyday lives. But if your phone is taking up all your free time, and you carry it everywhere you go, even to the toilet and your bed – than think about breaking your addiction.