How to Do Makeup for Blue Eyes

There are many wonderful eye shadow colors you may be tempted to use, along with eyeliner and colored mascara. However, which will suit you best will depend on your eye color. Blue eyes are considered beautiful and referred to in countless romantic songs. With a little help from makeup they can really shine and look fabulous. Selecting the right color makeup can help you do your blue eyes justice, while applying your makeup well will give your eyes definition. Follow our instructions and you will be looking better than ever.

Color to suit blue eyes

If you have blue eyes you may be tempted to wear blue eye shadow, as you imagine it will enhance your eye color. However, subtle shading and contrast will do the trick. As lovely as blue eye shadow can be, leave it in the store for someone with brown eyes to buy, as it will suit them better. The colors that suit you can be seen on an artist’s color wheel.

The color wheel shows primary colors next to each other in a circle. Artists and interior designers use it to help them choose suitable paint shades and color coordinate furnishings. You can use the wheel when selecting makeup, as the principles of color relation work for eyes too. People often choose eye shadow colors that lie next to their eye color on the color wheel automatically. However, it is the colors which lie opposite on the wheel that look best.

Colors that work well for blue eyes are warm gold, brown, sandy beige and taupe. Eye shadow in these colors will help your cosmetic application to appear sophisticated. The darkest shades are great used along the lash line, both above and below the eye. Eyeliner can be one of several colors, although dark brown or black are most suitable.

Applying eye makeup

Before you begin, dab a little face powder or primer on your eyelids to help prevent this area becoming greasy, and to make putting on eye makeup easier. You will need three shades of eye shadow to create a sculpted look that will help make your eyes look larger.

Apply the medium colored eye shadow over your eyelid beneath your brow bone. Then, brush the lightest shade from the inside corner of your eye to the middle of your eyelid and blend the outer edges so they do not look severe. Use the darkest shade of eye shadow on the crease of your eye socket, directly under the brow bone.

Next, apply eyeliner above and below your bottom lashes. Soft kohl can also be used along the waterline of your eyes, which is often also referred to as the rim. However, this can irritate sensitive eyes and look overdone, so apply sparingly and only if you are aware your eyes are not sensitive to eyeliner.

You can use the darkest shade of eye shadow along your top lashes and a little below, if you want more contrast, before applying mascara. Dark brown or black mascara would be best. As you put it on your top lashes gently wiggle the wand, as this will help the makeup glide on smoothly without clumps. Gently apply one coat to the bottom lashes. You can put another layer on the top lashes if you want, but wait until the first layer is dry.

The method of applying eye makeup described is for full makeup. You may prefer to use less makeup to achieve a more natural look. If so, apply less of the darkest shade of eye shadow chosen and refrain from adding it over eyeliner. Apply just one layer of mascara, and do not apply eyeliner to your waterline.

It is possible to make your eyes look great if you choose the right colors for eye makeup and apply makeup well. Doing so will give your eyes definition while looking sophisticated.