How to Do Your Makeup like a Pro

Hiring a professional makeup artist for an occasion can be out of the budget for some. First of all, you’ll be thinking it’s just for one day. Second, you wouldn’t want to spend that much money. Lastly, you could do the makeup on your own and it’s very convenient. Also, you could be proud of yourself for doing your own makeup even though you’re not a professional.

The best part of doing your own makeup is that you could also learn from it, like you would know what makeup to use next time, what kind of products are suitable for you and what color of lipstick best suits you. You could also practice every time you feel you need to improve. You’ll be learning and saving at the same time. If you are daring enough, here are some tips to help you do your makeup like a pro.

1. Apply primer

Primer helps the makeup last longer and it is a base for the foundation. As I said, it will be a trial and error process. There are many primer products, so try different kinds to get to know which suits you best. You may be thinking that they are all the same, but believe a makeup veteran when she says that there’s a huge difference. If you would find the right primer for you, you wouldn’t want to leave the house without it.

2. Choose a foundation that is right for you

Foundation helps even out your skin tone. As much as possible try blending it up to your neck. Why? Because as I’ve already said, the foundation helps even out your skin, and if you put foundation just on your face it will either be lighter or darker than your real skin tone, and that difference will be catastrophically obvious. To stay safe, blend it downwards. When you’re ready to apply foundation, dab a small amount of it on your palm. If you want to do the professional way of applying, use your fingers as you apply the foundation to your face. It may be a little messy but totally worth it when you get the hang of it!

3. Contour, Contour, Contour… properly and appropriately!

Don’t go crazy when you’re contouring yourself. I know you want to achieve Kim Kardashian’s facial structure and all, but the truth is, professional makeup artists don’t use contouring when doing makeup for movies and magazines. This must come as a shock, but that’s the truth. But still, contouring does help a lot because it sculpts your face. And another fact – you can’t use bronzer to contour your face. I guess you’ve heard from someone that you could, but this is just an urban legend.

4. Fill up your eyebrows

This is the most important thing, you should never, I mean never-ever forget to fill in those brows of yours. Your eyebrows pull off your entire makeup. Without the brows there would be something lacking in your face. Use brow powder instead of the pencil one. And don’t forget to brush everything out with a spoolie. Oh, before I forget – not all women should put on brows, but if you do want, it’s your choice, just be careful with how it looks.

5. Voluptuous lips

There are different kinds of shades of lipstick but there is only one right for you. Use lip liner as well to make your lips last longer and to fill up the uneven areas of your lips. It also gives a smooth texture to them. And here’s a tip: If you’re planning to use a nude shade, apply lip gloss afterwards. It gives an illusion of fuller lips. You know that Kylie Jenner’s lips are a trend now; you could achieve plump lips using this simple trick.

6. After everything, use setting spray

It makes your makeup settle for a longer period of time. This would really come in handy when you’re going to a special occasion. Just put on some setting spray and you don’t have to worry about whether your makeup will run and fade.