How to Find a Job that Fulfills You AND Pays Your Bills

You must have heard the saying “Do what you love”. However, even if your job satisfies you, but doesn’t cover your living costs, ultimately you are not going to be happy. And vice versa; if your job pays well and gives you a position and a name, but doesn’t actually give you a sense of purpose, you will end up frustrated and unhappy. So, it’s important to find a job that will be both fulfilling and well-paid. But how can you do that? Here are some steps towards finding such career.

1. Stop moving in the wrong direction

You need to find the courage to stop with the job that makes you stuck and unhappy once and for all. Just like with everything in life: if you realize something is making you miserable, you should find a way to get out of that situation. Being at a dead-end job or a job that’s obviously wrong for you, will only continue to disappoint you and ruin your mental health. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that it’s not that bad, or that things might change very soon, the truth is that you are the only one who can save yourself in that situation – by saying enough is enough.

2. Know that it’s ok to be confused

With about half a million options for a job, it’s no wonder we’re confused when it comes to choosing a career that’s perfect for us. Being only 16 or 18 when that decision that will determine the course of your life is due doesn’t help either. But it’s important to realize that it’s perfectly ok being confused and feeling lost. Realizing you have made the wrong decision is the first step towards correcting that mistake and realizing what would actually make you happy. You need to know that staying at your current career path isn’t something unchangeable, and as soon as you realize that, you will feel liberated.

3. Listen for opportunities

Maybe it won’t immediately come to you what you’re supposed to do next once you’ve cut ties with a job you hated. Actually, that is a more likely scenario. But once you are out there, you need to listen and look carefully for any opportunity that may come by. Build a network around you and listen to what people are saying. What is making them happy and what is making them unhappy? In today’s world, there is plenty of opportunity to cash in, you just need to be smart enough to recognize what people need.

4. Find your inner happiness

We may spend all our lives chasing something that has been inside us the whole time. It sounds philosophical, but it’s true. Even once we find a great job, get married and have children and achieve everything we always wanted, we may suddenly realize something is missing and that we’re not completely happy. It’s in human nature to chase our dreams and always continue finding new dreams to chase. But it’s also important to stop for a moment and reflect on what we have achieved and what we do have. Happiness comes from the inside and success follows, not the other way around.

5. Focus on people around you

On our way to success, we tend to forget about the people around you. Especially the young people who crave more possibilities, more knowledge, more power. But, in all that, we neglect building strong relationships with those around us. Not only do we alienate ourselves from friends and family, we are focused so much on ourselves that we forget how useful meeting new people can be. And while those close to you will empower you by giving you love and support, other people in your life may just open new doors to you once you decide to change a career path. So, pause for a second and reflect on the people in your life and how they can be helpful to you or you to them.

6. Try it out before jumping in

Before you decide on the next move for your career, you will need to think a lot. You will need to spend months, maybe years, actively thinking about what the right job for you might be. But once you do choose something, don’t jump right into it. You should consider all the aspects of this new direction you’re planning to take. So take courses, volunteer, observe those that have more experience in the field and ask questions. Before taking that major step, you need to be sure that you will actually enjoy this new job and that you will be good at it.

7. Build a healthy relationship with money

If you are a slave to money, you will never be happy. It’s as simple as that. Before you even start considering the right career for you, the one that will be both fulfilling and well-paid, you need to let go of the unhealthy images of money. Many of us, unfortunately, let money rule us – which is the ultimate recipe for a miserable life. Money is something we do need, but it should never be the end goal. It should only be a means to an end. By visualizing all the things that you can do with the money you earn and all the people you can make happy by letting the money flow instead of hoarding it, you will be much happier.