How to Get Plump, Red Lips the Natural Way

Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, Scarlett Johansson, Marilyn Monroe. It’s a celebrity-obsessed world we live in. And when it comes to beauty, those women are just a few of those we hold in high regard. A good portion of their allure comes from their beautiful puckers. No other words are fit to describe Jolie’s kissers than full and plump. Liv? She’s got that perfectly shaped upper lip that complements her lower lip very nicely. Scarlett’s lips contribute greatly to her cute smile. And the iconic Marilyn’s lips are pure sensuality.

Not all women are gifted with those, sadly. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it, though.

There are ways to get fuller and redder lips. And it doesn’t even have to involve surgery. If you want naturally plump and kissable lips, these tips are for you.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation isn’t just for the skin. Your lips can benefit from gentle brushing and exfoliation, too. The procedure is simple:

  • Get a dry toothbrush.
  • Apply some honey or Vaseline to the brush.
  • Lightly rub over your lips.

What do you get from doing this? Improved lip texture and better blood flow and circulation. And those will mean smoother, younger-looking lips that are also plumper.

2. Hydrate

When you’re dehydrated, your lips will also shrivel up and look thinner. So drink a lot of water. You might also want to carry a good lip balm with SPF protection to prevent sun damage.

3. Steam

Before showering, coat your lips with a layer of honey or petroleum jelly. Leave it on while you shower. The steam will help it penetrate. Wipe off after your bath and you’ll notice fuller and smoother lips immediately.

4. Exercise

It may sound crazy but there are exercises specifically targeting lips to make them bigger. Here are some of them:

  • Whistling – the motion from whistling builds up lip muscles. So set aside 3 to 5 minutes every day and indulge in a whistling session. You don’t even have to be in tune to be able to pull off plumper lips through this.
  • Side to side rotation – this is done by simply pressing the lips together tightly and moving them as far to the right and left alternately. Just hold the pose in any direction for 5 seconds.
  • Kissing – With mouth closed, stretch it your lips to a kiss. Hold the position and rotate your lips clockwise. Do 10 repetitions in both directions. Or make it even more fun by just finding a kissing buddy.
  • Smiling – just smile as broadly as you can with your lips pressed together. Hold the smile for 5-10 seconds, pucker to a kiss and repeat.

Many women will attest to the success of these lip exercises. These are supposed to tone your facial muscles and give you plumper lips without any chemical or artificial enhancements. But just like any other exercise, you have to be committed and persistent to see results. Do the exercises daily for at least a month for best results.

Exercising will tone your facial muscles and give you plumper lips the natural way.

You may also want to invest in products with natural lip plumpers. Essential oils from cinnamon, peppermint and cayenne pepper are common ingredients in many lip balms and have the added benefit of stimulating lip capillaries. Applying as often as you need them, you can get fuller and plumper lips.

You can also forego over the counter products and just make your own lip balm concoction using these oils and some petroleum jelly. The effects won’t be permanent but should still be good for a few hours.

Full, plump, red lips needn’t be a distant dream. Even if you’re born with thin lips, you can utilize the above tips to get them looking plumper, younger and better.