How to Increase Confidence With Clothing

Have you ever noticed that clothing can make you feel either great or downright lousy? This is because how you dress can have a significant effect on your self-esteem. It is possible to get rid of bad clothing days that leave you wanting to hide away in disgust, and replace them with days when you are confident that you look good.

Banish to the bin

Throw away clothing that shows significant signs of wear and tear. Thin jumpers with unsightly bobbles of wool attached, hanging threads and stains that will not budge can ruin your appearance and make you feel blue.


Do you know what clothing size you are? If you are not happy with your appearance, it is possible that your clothes do not fit well and so do not do you justice. Do not fall into the trap of wearing baggy clothing if you want to look slim or squeezing into tight clothing in an attempt to appear sexy. You will look far more attractive in garments that fit you properly, and you will feel better too.

Due care

Give your clothing the attention it deserves, and it will help you shine with confidence. Sew hems that have come down, replace missing buttons and iron garments that are creased. Doing so will give people the impression that you care about yourself as well as what you wear.

Body shape

Wear clothing that best suits your figure. If you are curvy and voluptuous do not be afraid to nip clothing in at the waist with a belt, and if you have a flat chest adorn the top of blouses and dresses with frills and accessories to create the impression of a bigger bust. Take note of your body shape and dress accordingly if you want to look and feel your best at all times.

Forget grey day clothing

When you feel like a grey cloud is hanging over you do not put on baggy slouch pants and an old sweatshirt. Get rid of sloppy clothing that reflects your sad mood and emphasizes it. Instead, wear garments you would wear when you feel great, and this will help your mood transform in a positive fashion.


Wear garments in colors that suit your skin tone, hair and eyes. Your skin will look dull and lifeless if you wear the wrong color, pick the right color however, and you will look radiant and healthy.

There is never a good reason to let your clothing dampen your good mood or deepen depression. By wearing garments that fit you well, suit your figure and coloring and are in great condition you can gain confidence and positive feelings.