How to Look Professional and Feel Comfortable at the Same Time

Office workers must feel comfy in their own clothes and at the same time look professional – the business-like appearance should always be maintained in the office. Some companies have a strict dress code while others are more lenient, but of course, you must be aware that your appearance reflects on the public image of the company.

Do you find your mornings troublesome or a walk in the park? Most people just stare in the closet and worry about what to wear while some don’t really bother about how they look – they just grab an outfit, put it on and leave to work. Then, when they get to the office, that’s when they realize that their outfit was a wrong choice. The worst thing is that you go through the same process every day.

Guilty? Here are some tips on how to feel comfortable and at the same time maintain a professional look at work:

1. Wear a maxi skirt.

Yes, a maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are not only for the summer season, but you can also wear them in the office. It’s very comfy. But go for neutral colors, preferably beige or light brown. Also, choose pleated or straighter tube skirts for a neat appearance. Don’t wear floral and oversized print maxi skirts – you’re going to the office, not the park. By the way, if you’re short, it’s okay to wear a maxi skirt, don’t be afraid.

You could pair your maxi skirt with the following:

  • Grab your favorite blazer and pair it with your maxi skirt.

Blazers make everything look professional. Choose a dark blazer and a dark fitted top. Short? Avoid maxi skirts that could make you look voluminous and instead choose a straighter tube skirt, and wear a cropped drape blazer. Crop jackets make you look tall because it balances the length of the skirt. And, don’t forget to tuck that top. On the other hand if you’re tall, you could either wear a cropped or long blazer. As much as possible, wear a blazer that fits close to your body and avoid frumpy, large ones.

  • The classic button-down blouse.

Forget the pencil skirt – wear it with a neutral colored maxi skirt. It makes you look fresh and cozy. When you pair the both of them, always tuck in the blouse for a neat appearance. You could also wear a black jacket if you have a business meeting to go to.

2. Wear khaki pants.

If you’re going for a business casual look, wear khaki pants with a nice pair of flats and on the top wear a plain white shirt. It could either be a round neck or a v-neck – it’s up to you to decide, but if you ask me, I prefer the round neck. Another tip, you could try tucking in the shirt and wearing a black blazer over it.

3. Wear leggings.

Leggings are very comfy, everybody knows that. And you could do a lot with leggings – you could pair them with everything but never ever wear leather or spandex leggings to work. Choose a pair that are thick, as you certainly don’t want your skin to show when you bend.

Here are some tips on what to wear with leggings:

  • Leggings and a long cardigan.

Wear a long top – not too long, but something long enough to cover you up if you want to remove the cardigan. Wear some accessories so that you don’t look plain and dull.

  • Leggings with a sleeveless coat.

On top of the leggings, wear a turtleneck. On the outside, wear a sleeveless coat. For the shoes, boots are a great option. And there you have it, a business look but also a comfy outfit.