How to Manage Commitments and Reduce Stress

If you have many commitments, and do not know how to handle the pressure of juggling all your responsibilities at once, you are likely to suffer from stress. Stress overload can make you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, as well as slowing you down. Learning how to handle commitments wisely and reduce stress can lighten your emotional load, leaving you feeling confident that you can achieve goals.


The first step towards managing commitments efficiently, and thus lessening stress, is to organize responsibilities in order of priority. Establish priorities by using time constraints and the immediacy a task requires to be completed. Once you prioritize commitments and list them, you will better understand which jobs need tackling first. As you complete them, you can cross them off your list and experience emotional relief.

Take a break

Rushing through commitments without taking a break will lead to mistakes and emotional burnout. Take time to stretch and breathe deeply between tasks, and look after your physical needs, such as eating properly and drinking water. Staying hydrated will provide you with a clear mind, while eating a healthy balanced diet will help you persevere with zest and enthusiasm.

Stress maintenance

Staying in control of your stress level will help you tackle tasks easily, and you will feel more positive as you work. Listening to relaxing music, engaging in mindful exercise, and taking time to go out in the fresh air and sunshine can help you feel better.

Avoid alcohol and sugar

Many people reach for alcohol, or sugary food, when they experience work overload. It is their way of treating themselves and gaining an instant high. As tempting as it may be to engage in these activities, drinking too much alcohol or eating sugar-laden food can lead to a dip in stamina and mood after the initial high produced. Moderation is the key.

You will also benefit from learning how to reward your efforts and thus increase enthusiasm in healthy ways. A relaxing bubble bath, playing ball in the park, or stretching out on the couch with a fruit smoothie and watching a favorite film will help you feel calm and happy.

Learn to say no

If your workload is high and you are feeling pressure, it is okay to say no to some demands. As you prioritize tasks, you will begin to be able to separate jobs you must do from those which are not so important. If possible, delegate commitments, share them out, and say no to those that you cannot give one hundred percent focus.

Commitments can either make your life joyful or turn into a nightmare. By developing a stress maintenance routine, learning how to delegate tasks, prioritizing and organizing, along with engaging in relaxing pursuits, you will be able to handle responsibilities with greater ease and a lighter heart.