How to Pick the Right Lipstick for You

Every lipstick is a girl’s best friend. Lipstick in various colors and shades all look attractive but sometimes they don’t look so good when you try them on – this could be because the color of lipstick clashes with your skin tone or your hair color. Finding that the color you like doesn’t suit your skin tone is a girl’s nightmare.

It is very important to choose the right color. Especially if you’re lazy when it comes to putting on makeup – you can just apply the right lipstick and your lips will be the center of attraction.

1. Different shades for different skin tones

  • If you have fair skin, nude or pink lipstick shades would look good. A darker shade like brown would not. Not only a lighter shade of lipstick could look good on fair skinned women, but also the color red would be perfect. Because of the fair complexion, this color of lipstick would stand out when worn.
  • For medium/olive skin, darker shades will be perfect. Shades like roses, mauves and berries will look good. Olive skinned women will also look stunning with a beige shade – women with a different skin tone would look dried out with a beige lipstick, but not olive skinned women. Don’t forget to dab some balm or gloss of course.
  • Red or chocolate lipstick shade will look lovely with a dark or black complexion. The darker the shade of lipstick, the better it looks. It makes your lips appear plump and healthy, and that’s what we are aiming for. Everyone wants to have those Kylie Jenner lips.

2. Shades for different hair color

Women have different types of hair color, so as you can imagine, the shade of lipstick might interfere with the color of your hair. Here are some tips on what shade to use:

  • Women with blonde hair would look good with red, merlot, nude, peachy coral and pink shades of lipstick. When it comes to the red shade, Taylor Swift is the ideal fair skin, blonde hair model that rocks this look. You’re lucky if you have blonde hair and at the same time have a fair complexion. Blondes with fair skin are usually stunning with any shade, so don’t be afraid to go any darker. Nude shades are best with smoky eyes or bright colorful eye makeup. For blondes who have sun kissed skin, peachy coral is the best – it makes your lips soft and kissable. Lastly, pink; the shade itself does sound good on the lips of a blonde woman. You will totally look like Barbie (if that is something you like).
  • Brunettes should pick shades like light pink, bold pink, plum and red. Light pink won’t overshadow your hair color – this shade will make your hair the star of the show. Bold pink shades will create a sophisticated look. On the other hand, the plum shade is usually used when you have evening plans. If you have red locks in your hair, red lipstick could bring them to life.

3. Lipstick shades for thin or plump lips 

  • If you have thin lips, avoid wearing darker shades. Try sticking with light to medium If you want your thin lips to look fuller, try using lip primer, it will help your lipstick stay intact. Next, always conceal, cover all the lines around your lip. After concealing, use lip liner, it will make your lips look fuller. Apply lipstick: choose a lighter shade. Lastly, add some lip gloss. And there you have it. You now have fuller lips.
  • Women with fuller lips could use colors like maroon, copper, pink and brown. You may notice that there are quite a few choices of colors – because the goal is to maintain the plumpness of the lip and these colors are the right ones for the job. The darker the lipstick, the more the plumpness of lips will stay in focus. But be careful, if you have a dark complexion, try avoiding pink shades. The maroon color would look nice for women who have dark skin, as this shade of lipstick will give a hot look when you pair it with smoky eyes.