How to Prevent Identity Theft

If you think that having your house locked up at night keeps you safe from thieves – you’re wrong.

Criminals have developed new ways of stealing personal data which doesn’t even require them to break into your house. Sometimes thieves lurk in public places, watching you from a close distance when you type your credit card number into your phone or listen when you tell it to someone over the phone (for example to a hotel or a rental car company). Some criminals even go through your garbage looking for credit card or bank statements that you may have thrown away. It may sound silly, but with your bank statements, criminals can easily ‘get control over any accounts in your name and assume your identity’, according to the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ).

The USDOJ suggests prevention measures that will help you stay safe and keep your identity as it should be – only yours.

Here are the common identity theft scams and how to recognize if you are being scammed.

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