How to Wear Pink without Looking too Girly

Pink is a very flattering color. Also, it is a well-loved color. Some fashion designers use the color pink to emphasis the femininity and class of their masterpiece or collection. The color gives a little “edgy” to everything. Literally… everything. But then, some women complain about the color. Why? Because there’s a possibility that you could look like Barbie wearing that cute pink outfit.

If you’re still worried that you look like Barbie in that pink outfit of yours, here are some tips to not look girly wearing pink:

1. Know your shade

There are a lot of shades of pink, you just got to find the perfect one for you. When you’re office bound, try choosing muted shades, like bubblegum or peach. You don’t want all the attention when you walk in the office, so better lay low on the hot pink dresses. On the other hand, try a bright coral shade for a bold statement while minimizing the juvenile connotations of Barbie. If falls coming up, try pink-infused berry shades.

2. Add a bold pattern

Choosing a pink outfit with a bold pattern can be a little tricky. Polka dots are a big NO NO, you could look a bit childish if you’re not careful. And stay away from the whimsical prints, it is not the best choice when it comes to pink pieces. You would totally look horrible. However, a rosy skirt paired up with a floral top might be a little too saccharine when both are in a bright palette. A graphic silk-screened pattern could polish any ensemble, while adding a patterned skirt to a pink top would logically serve the same purpose.

3. Throw in some manliness to a pink outfit

Say goodbye to Barbie and say hello to vogue. Add a few men’s wear to your outfit for a more voguish and edgy look. Try putting a pair of trousers, a fitted blazer, or a manly vest. See your outfit transform to a cuter sense of style.

4. Add some leather

Adding up some leather to your outfit can give you an extra edgy look. And it is edgier than your average silk or cotton. When you want business-like edge, try wearing a leather pencil skirt with a pink buttoned up blouse, you’ll definitely look hot and people will be drooling over you. If you’re wearing a pink lace mini dress, a black leather motorcycle jacket would make you look all grown up. Oh, don’t forget, don’t mix leather in a blinding shade of pink, you don’t want to look like an ‘80s throwback – unless you do want to.

5. Pink as an accessory

You don’t feel like wearing pink? Try using pink as an accessory instead of the main shade. Like, wear a coral scarf for a chilly day. Pair up your favorite pair of jeans with a pink top, or you could wear a white top with a pink blazer to still have that edgy look. You can try choosing monochromatic colors, like all black or all grey, and adding it up with a pink blazer, scarf, or shoes.

6. Check the cutting

Better pay attention to the cuts of the clothes and your body. All clothes were made to look stunning but not all clothes look stunning when worn. Try checking a few times in the mirror to make sure that you don’t look over the top. If you’re planning to go for a fuchsia shift or a solid pink coat, better make sure that it is fitted and cut to flatter your body. For a professional and stylish look, try a minidress or a sleek shift.