If You See These Signs You Should Reject That Job Offer

New job opportunities can be interesting and attractive, but you can sometimes make a big mistake if you don’t consider all the factors carefully before you make that step and accept a job.

Recent research showed that most people are not satisfied with their bosses or jobs, possibly because their work is the main source of stress in their lives. When you’re stressed out at work constantly, it can lead to low performance and productivity, low self-esteem and motivation.

That’s why you shouldn’t just be considering the salary when applying for a job, but a series of other factors, such as:

  • How far away the workplace is from your home?
  • What is the working environment like?
  • Will you be able to do that job for years and be happy, or will you be sorry you left your old job?

You can never be completely prepared for what’s waiting for you at a new job, but there are some signs that can clearly show you that you should look elsewhere for a better job. Here are the warning signs that you should probably reject that job offer and stay where you are or keep looking until you find something better.

1. They want you to start immediately.

You’ve had the interview and your potential employer wants you to start working immediately. You have an obligation towards your current employer to give a 2-week notice and prepare them for your departure. You certainly don’t want to leave your current company in bad terms – you never know what will happen in the future and you might even end up working for that company again or you might need good references from your ex boss.

Besides, if your new potential employer wants you to start immediately, what does that say about the company?

First, where is the decency to wait for the two-week notice to pass? This either shows lack of patience or that the company is in trouble. If the employer doesn’t care about your previous obligations and commitments and shows that he/she needs you urgently and without regard to anything else, you should probably reject the offer, even if they offer you a good salary. There is a possibility that you would be wrapped in legal issues as well as go through a lot of stress in such a company.

2. The job will cost you opportunities.

If the job you’ve been offered will keep you in a back office or even a basement, where you’ll see a person once in every couple of hours (which can be the case with jobs that require of you to organize office supplies), you will feel alone and your days will last like months. Not to mention that you won’t be connecting with other people, so you will miss a lot of opportunities that might be offered to you if you were in contact with coworkers and clients.

If you’re in debt and you need the job, take it until you can stand on your two feet, but don’t settle – keep looking for something better.

3. Working that job can hurt your reputation.

Working any decent job shouldn’t be shameful. However, if you’re offered a job that could hurt your reputation, don’t accept it, even if you’re struggling financially.

For example, dancing in bars until you get a job as a lawyer could put a stain on your resume, especially if someone recognizes you. Before taking up a job offer, think about the consequences, and think about what professions could really be harmful for your reputation.

4. The work environment will make you feel miserable.

If you saw the work environment and you have a bad feeling in your gut, don’t accept that job offer.

When communication at the workplace is bad, the employers unrealistically demanding, the relationship between colleagues is non-existent, and you see that you would be treated badly – look elsewhere. Even if the pay is big it’s not worth your emotional and mental health. Don’t take a job that will crush your spirit.

But how will you know if the workplace environment is bad?

Well, you are bound to have a first impression which should tell you a lot. When you come to the interview, pay attention to how the recruiter is talking to you. Try to speak with some of the employees to see how satisfied they are with their jobs.  If you see that you will be treated badly and suspect you will go through a lot of stress, keep searching.