Incredible Underwater Restaurants and Bars around the World

When eating on dry land just isn’t enough, you can grab a bite or have a drink at some of these incredible restaurants and bars that are built under water. You can imagine what a surreal experience it must be to have a meal with blue seawater surrounding you and colorful fish swimming all around.

Don’t worry, though – you won’t have to scuba dive to reach your table for two.

1. Aquarium Restaurant

The Aquarium Restaurant is not exactly below sea level, it’s located in Nashville, Tennessee and it is placed inside a gigantic aquarium. This dining experience will let you sit in a 200,000 gallon tank full of numerous species of fish, stingrays and sharks.

The whole interior will make you feel like you were sitting undisturbed in an underwater cave while thousands of tropical fish from the South Pacific, Hawaii, Indian Ocean and Caribbean Sea entertain you and your kids while you eat. If you’re lucky, you can even watch a diver feed the fish, which happens twice a day.

When it comes to the menu, Aquarium Restaurant boasts of some of the freshest seafood specialties you will ever try. But be prepared to spend a small fortune on your meal, because the view is definitely included in the price of food.

2. Subsix

They call themselves an “underwater playground” and it’s probably because your options at this amazing restaurant in the Maldives are endless.

Subsix is set 500 meters out in the Indian Ocean and six meters deep. This underwater kingdom of mirrors and glass lets you enjoy everything that’s going on in the ocean just a few feet away from your table. Subsix serves as a restaurant, club and wine cellar and offers such possibilities as organizing weddings, private parties, wine tasting or just having an intimate lunch with your loved ones.

The menu is simple but breathtaking and includes delicacies such as lobster medallion, crab, couscous and Wagyu beef tenderloin. It is definitely one of the coolest experiences you could treat yourself to.

3. Poseidon Undersea Resorts

Poseidon in Fiji takes the underwater dining experience to a whole ‘nother level.

This is not just a restaurant, it’s a whole resort that’s placed entirely under water. However, here comes the disappointing part – the resort is still under construction. But the plan is to make it into one of the most elite places for only those who can afford the most luxurious vacation.

There will be two restaurant options, one under water and one above, but that’s not where the idea stops. The resort will include a lounge, a wedding chapel, tennis courts, golf course and many other things.

And for the most adventurous, a 1000-foot submarine will be available for exploring the ocean. You can already make reservations to be one of the first people to experience this unique vacation.

4. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is set on a beautiful private island in the Maldives and it’s the first and only all-glass underwater restaurant. Ithaa, meaning “mother of pearl” is placed 16 ft below the surface and you will be completely surrounded by the ocean’s wildlife with a panoramic 180-degree view.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very private considering there are only 6 tables and 12 seats in it, so you will feel that the stunning view of the ocean is there just for you and your loved one.

However, it’s not all about the view, the food is excellent too. Ithaa serves some of the finest European cuisine dishes and it prides on having as many as 20,000 bottles of wine to offer.

5. Al Mahara

This restaurant placed in the fabled Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai promises an experience that will stimulate all your senses. And how can it not, when the whole restaurant is placed within a floor-to-ceiling aquarium with colorful tropical fish.

Al Mahara, which means “the oyster shell” aims to provide its guests the ultimate underwater experience but not only with the spectacular views of sea wildlife, but also with the incredible food prepared by remarkable chefs.

The only thing you need to do is sit back and enjoy the view, while you let the chefs surprise you with only the freshest and most delicious ingredients made into top-notch seafood dishes.