Is Yoga Right for You? 6 Important Facts You Must Know Before Making a Decision

Yoga is a very popular activity for both the young and old. But, what is yoga, really? Yoga is said to be an activity that aims to unite the mind, body and soul. The unification of these three elements is done through meditation, breathing and stretching. It builds inner strength and flexibility and is said to be beneficial in relieving stress and some physical injuries. Is this the right activity for you?

Counting Calories?

If you are looking for an activity that will help you burn fat and calories quickly, this may not be suitable for you. It might be better for you to go running. But what yoga does is improve your strength, flexibility as well as balance, which are very important aspects of being fit.

Becoming a Vegan?

Some claim that practicing yoga requires you to completely change your lifestyle, like becoming a vegan, but this is not true. You are the only one who can decide on your lifestyle and if yoga lets you make rethink your lifestyle decisions, then good for you!

Afraid of Pain?

People believe that since yoga is a slow moving exercise, it is not possible to get injured. There is some truth in it. But you can also sustain some kind of injury if you try to do more than what you can do at that moment or overextend yourself. It would be wise to follow and listen to your instructor to avoid any injuries.

A Homebody?

There are a lot of people who think that yoga can only be done in a yoga studio, but you can actually practice yoga at home too. You can start by having the basic classes, and then when you have garnered enough confidence and knowledge, you can continue your practice at home. There are even instructional videos available to help you along.

Looking for Fun?

Fun is actually your reaction to a certain activity. But you can always make yoga fun and enjoyable. You can take yoga classes with your better half or with friends, or it may earn you new friends. Either way you look at it, the end result will always be rewarding if you stick with it.

Is it Beneficial?

It is definitely beneficial for your heart, mind, body and spirit. If you regularly perform or take yoga classes, you will notice subtle changes in your body like having more energy, being stress-free (which will also lower your blood pressure), having better posture, improved concentration etc. Eventually you will notice yourself being stronger and more flexible.


Yoga can be a great tool to achieve overall wellness. You just have to figure out what works for you. The results that yoga can bring you may take a long time but all the hard work will be worth it. As with most things in life – no pain, no gain. Everything will depend on your dedication and motivation to achieve your goal. Is yoga good for you? Why not find out for yourself.