Is Your Drinking Water Making Your Children Dumb?

A study published in the Environmental Health research journal, conducted by professor Wasserman of Columbia University, showed that children’s IQ may decrease by 5 or 6 points as a result of frequent arsenic consumption. This may sound insignificant, but it really isn’t. Especially if a child already has an IQ lower than average.

Now, this all sounds very depressing and scary. But there are ways to prevent your body and mind from getting damaged by the water you drink. According to the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), your local water utility is now obliged by law to provide reports on all the toxins and contaminants present in the water, so you can call them and check if your water is safe according to the most recent results. If the levels of arsenic in the water you drink are close to 10 parts per billion, consider switching to water with lower levels. The safest choice would be water with levels below 5 parts per billion, considering the previously mentioned research that showed that levels above that have a negative impact on children’s mental development.

Another possible solution suggested by the NRDC is to start using a water system which may reduce arsenic levels by cleaning up water, or switch to another source of water that is less contaminated. You can also use regular tap water, but then try to buy a filter that will remove arsenic and make your water safe to drink. When buying water filters, make sure you buy those that are certified by NSF International and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer regarding maintenance and filter replacement, because if you get lazy and don’t pay attention to this, there is no point of using these filters.

As for bottled water, if you think it is much safer than your regular tap water- think again. This water is usually just tap water that may or may not have been filtered before bottling. However, all the contaminants in the water should be marked on the label, so make sure you read those carefully.  Finally, if you really want to make sure your water is arsenic free and your brain is not endangered by its harmful influence, chose to filter your water, clean the filters regularly, and occasionally get your water tested.

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