Ladies, Burn Your Black Work Pants Now

Ladies, those black pants you use for work every single day, just throw them out. They are not flattering and they are not at all making you look professional. What they do is make you look like you have no fashion sense, which you probably do. They also make you look sad, which you probably aren’t. Also, they make you look less appealing and less of an authority.

The thing with these black pants is that they are so comfortable. You can wear them the whole day and even do some chores in them, and it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all. Also, they’re black. You can pair them with any top and any shoes and any accessories. They go with everything. That’s one less thing to worry about, right?

Wrong. The comfort that these pants give you can actually be detrimental to your image. Because it’s so comfortable, like you’re wearing sweatpants, you tend to walk and move like you were in sweatpants. Not good for the workplace. When you’re at work, you need to be professional at all times. You need to talk and move with authority. It is really hard to remember to do that when your pants are so comfortable.

Also, the fact that these black pants can be paired with anything means that you are losing one perfect opportunity to express your personality even more. There are so many other choices instead of these black pants. You can wear blue slacks from time to time, or even a clean-cut skirt. You can wear wool pant suits or even a professional looking dress. Don’t limit your fashion options by always using black pants to work.

Black pants are also hard to predict in terms of how they fit you. Yes, they may be comfortable, but do they look good on you? Most probably, the answer to that is no. They may be too wide on the hips, or the length may not be exactly right for you. They may be making your thighs look fat and may even be falling off your hips from time to time. These are not things you want to be worrying about while at work.

Go to a good store for professional clothes and find pieces that fit you perfectly. Again, not only pants. Check for skirts, pant suits and dresses as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Dark blues and brown always do well in the workplace, but you can splash in some of the brighter colors as well.

Know that your pants do say something about you. It is not just something you wear for the sake of it. Those black pants are exactly that. It shows people that you have no thought to spare on how you look, and that may not be entirely true. Actually, in the workplace, that should not be true for anyone, because, like they say, you have to dress for success and those black pants don’t help you at all. Just throw them out and invest in your future by buying new ones.