Look Fresh And Young With These 5 Make Up Tips

Shocked young woman checking her wrinkles on her forehead

Putting on makeup can enhance your natural beauty and can also add to your confidence. But you must know how to do it properly because make up that is applied inappropriately can make you look older than your age or can cover up your best assets instead of enhancing them. Take note of some of the tips below to make you look beautiful without overdoing it and overshadowing your natural beauty.

Proper Foundation

Foundation with a little hint of yellow works well with any skin tone because it gives the face a warmer look. The operative word here is warmer, not darker. What we are aiming for is a warmer skin tone. When your skin has a warm tone, it gives of the impression of youth. Make sure that the color of the foundation that you use is suitable for your skin tone and that it also has that yellowish tint that you need.

Opt for Liquid

Anything that is made up of powder has the tendency to settle around the lines on your face. It also makes your face look dull. It is better to use liquid to even out the skin color without the greasy feel and lets your skin shine naturally. It also makes the look lighter and more relaxed instead of being heavily made up.

Cover Up the Dark Circles

Dark circles under your eyes are a dead giveaway of your age. It emphasizes the hollow shape of the cheeks as well as gives off the look of being tired and sad. Conceal them properly by using a concealer with a peach or salmon tint. It makes the eyes appear younger and brighter. It also makes you look more alert.

Use Shimmer

The natural glow of your face fades as you age and we need to do something to make it appear like you still have that glow. Apply a bit of shimmer in the inner eye area, to bring back some light into our face. Just apply a bit of the shimmer, remember that anything in excess is bad.

Pay Attention to Your Lashes

The pull of gravity will make your lashes droop. It will not even help in making your eyes look younger. This will be the best time to use an eyelash curler. Curl up those lashes to open up your eyes. It will make your eyes look bigger and then with the correct eye make-up, brighter and younger.


Getting old is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a badge of experience that we should wear proudly. However, there are some ways that we can do to make us look younger and fresher than we really are. The most important thing that you shouldn’t forget to do to make yourself look younger is to moisturize regularly. Another thing is to keep on smiling. It’s easy and costs you nothing to do it, but it definitely helps to bring back that natural youthful glow to your face.