Looking to date older women? You much read this.

I will tell you a secret how I am managing to meet grannies looking for a date without any problems.

What I have discovered is once there is a hot girl, there is a high chance there is a hot grandmother too. It’s simply most likely outcome if consider family genetics. I met with a young girl which introduced me with her grandmother which turned out likes younger men.

For most people, a grandparent is the last person they would want to hit the dating scene with.
New Yorker Kayli Stollak, however, has found the perfect wingman, albeit a virtual one, in the form of her Florida-based grandmother, Gail, who is also looking for a good match.

The 24-year-old, who is not looking for a husband but is ready for a relationship, has become an internet hit after recording the details of their cross-generational online dating adventures on her blog, grannyismywingman.com.

Granny with her granddaughter before going out together

Heavy on the septuagenarian’s hilarious one-liners, the blog, which attracted 30,000 hits in its first month alone, is as much an homage to her sharp-tongued grandmother as it is an experiment in modern-day romance.
It details the differences in their approach to relationships as well as the similarities, of which there are surprisingly many.

To Kayli, a previously unmarried, self-confessed foodie and enthusiast on the dance floor sounded like an appealing date for her grandmother.

Gail disagreed: ‘”Big eater?” He must be a real heffer. “Never married”? Psychopath. “Likes to salsa dance?” Yeah right, he’s 78, I bet he can barely walk.’

While sharing the excitement and pitfalls of being checked out online, Kayli and Gail have encouraged each other to remain realistic and keep positive.

After being stood up for the first time, Kayli writes: ‘Granny offered up a gem in condolence, “Better he stands ya up now, than at the alter.” So true, so true.’

The two singles have even developed a shared set of rules they hope will keep them sane during the online dating process. The most important of all: Manage your expectations and don’t take it too seriously.

In an interview with MailOnline, Kayli, who ended a four year relationship last summer, revealed that neither she nor Gail were keen on the idea of online dating at first.

Her interest was only piqued after seeing how happy her older sister was with the boyfriend she had met on Match.com.

For her grandmother, it was time to get out there and have a bit of fun. The film graduate revealed: ‘Granny has been single for decades and is too entertaining to be alone.’

But for a girl who had met her ex-boyfriend on the street in an impulsive New York moment, the idea of creating a profile on OKCupid and making it public seemed creepy.

Her grandmother struggled with her JDate profile too. She wanted to lie about her age and remain as vague as possible in an attempt to avoid giving too much away.

But she realised it was the little details about a person, like where they grew up, that mattered to her and so she expanded on her own information and resorted to honesty.

‘The older generations come to the table with more…’ Kayli explained. ‘They’re more shaped by life and their experiences.’
In the weeks since, her grandmother has embraced it with huge enthusiasm. ‘At the beginning she was impossible,’ Kayli says. ‘Now she’s chatting up men at the deli counter in Wholefoods.’ Her own experiences have been positive too.

She says her favourite date so far had been a rock climbing expedition with a man from New Mexico, who she said was curiously odd and ‘cerebral’.

Her advice is to ‘date some people who fit your criteria and some who don’t.
‘You never know who you’re going to be meet and it’s fun to get to know people completely outside your normal parameters of interest.’

Both have dates lined up for January, but thus far, Gail has rejected any suitors who want to go out on New Year’s Eve.

She told Kayli: ‘None of them want to spend New Year’s kind of money and none of them should be out driving that late.’