Low-Cost Paris Doesn’t Shine Any Less

When people imagine Paris, they see five-star hotels and restaurants. Staying in Paris means enjoying exquisite cuisine and classic artistic treasures and it is one of the top big cities in the world where millions of tourists flock every month and leave a bit of their heart. Being the fashion capital of the world, Paris also exudes luxury and high fashion.

All of this doesn’t come cheap, but we are here to show you that there is a low-cost side of Paris, one that isn’t any less glamorous and fascinating.

1. Live Like A Parisian

Paris may boast of its five-star hotels but there is also the choice of booking an apartment or flat through AirBnB. You can find a room for the budget and location of your choice.

One popular apartment is a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Marais perfect for one whole family or a group of six. Situated on the second floor of a classic Haussmann building, the room gives its occupant a spectacular view of the L’hotel de Beauvais, one of many Paris’ national heritage sites. Surrounding the area are boutiques, bars, restaurants and grocery stores. Since the apartment has a kitchen, you can head to the daily market on Place Baudoyer to buy fresh fish and ingredients to channel you inner “Julia Child”.

Another low-cost but beautiful place is Generator Paris. This hostel has rooms with modern decorations, a Moroccan-inspired common room and a Metro-themed underground bar and club. There is a rooftop bar and terrace where you can hang-out and meet fellow tourists. Do not worry about peak season, as the property has 916 rooms. Shared rooms are only around $28 while private rooms begin at $111.

2. Enjoy Art and Fine Company For Free

Everyone who visits Paris has one site on their checklist: the Louvre. Plan your trip to fall on the first Sunday of the month between October and March to get into the famous museum for free. The Carrousel du Louvre entrance has shorter ticket lines for more time inside the museum.

One of the most prestigious and most visited necropolises in Paris is the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Enjoy a weird mix of an English park and a shrine complete with the different funerary art styles including Gothic graves, Haussmanian burial chambers, and ancient mausoleums. See the epitaphs of famous men and women including Chopin, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Yves Montand, Colette, Jean de La Fontaine and Edith Piaf. Enjoy all 44 hectares and 70,000 burial plots for free.

Fans of Les Miserables can enjoy the Victor Hugo Museum for free. Enjoy memorabilia from the writer’s life, including his exile to Belgium and to Guernsey due to his opposition to Napoleon. There are also family paintings, personal letters and original manuscripts to instantly transport you back in time. Witness a fragment of his love story with Juliette Drouet through a selection of furniture made and carved by the writer.

3. Enjoy The Outdoors

The pleasant thing about Paris is it’s a city full of gardens and sceneries to enjoy for free. Spend your afternoons at Jardin du Luxembourg with its landscaped garden, 1861 Medici Fountain, and 19th-century statues. No need to line up to go up the Iron Maiden. Just bring a picnic mat, buy some baguette from your neighborhood bakery store and enjoy the Eiffel Tower as your background. Pay a visit to it at nighttime and marvel at the lights of the iconic Paris landmark.

Paris is such a big city. There are infinite possibilities to satisfy the curiosity of every traveler. No need to splurge to enjoy the city of love. So book that ticket now!