Make Your Own BB Cream

BB creams (blemish balms) are extremely popular these past years. They are lighter in texture than concealer or foundation, act like a moisturizer, and don’t damage your skin. There are creams that have collagen in them, which helps the skin regenerate, and get its glow and elasticity back. BB creams are also perfect for makeup during the day, since they are not so heavy on the face and are usually mineral-based, giving the skin a natural and radiant look.

There are many variations of BB creams, but the main idea behind it is that it acts as a moisturizer that oxidizes and matches your skin tone. However, there are not so many shades for different skin colors offered. Also, some of these creams are not meant to be used on oily skin, or on dry skin. That is why we have prepared a DIY project for you to try. By making your own BB cream, not only will you save money, but you will also make a perfect combination of all the ingredients you need for your skin type.

The most basic recipe for a BB cream is a mixture of moisturizer, sun blocking cream and foundation.

The steps are easy. All you will need is an empty container or a bottle to put the mixture in, your favorite day cream, a sunscreen and a foundation that matches your skin tone. You should be aware that the foundation should be a little darker than your skin tone, since you will be adding two other creams in it, so the tone will be a little lighter. The proportions should be 1/3 of the moisturizer, 1/3 of the sunscreen and 1/3 of your foundation. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Take the empty container. Take your moisturizer and put a spoonful of it in the empty container.

Step 2: Now, take the sun cream and put approximately the same amount as the moisturizer in the container. If you do not want to put sunscreen in the mixture, instead just put another spoonful of moisturizer.

Step 3: Take your foundation and put the same amount as the former two ingredients in the mixture. Powder could work well too, just scrape some off, and mix until you get a smooth mixture that matches your skin color. If you have a foundation that is half empty, or you do not have enough of it, there is always the opportunity to add in another foundation. If you have one lighter foundation or powder and a darker one, mix them together for a perfect match for your skin tone.

Step 4: mix all of the ingredients together.

If needed, add a little more of the moisturizer, or add the foundation. After all, you are making a cream to perfectly match your skin, so you can always experiment and play with the recipe.

This quantity will be enough for at least a month of daily use. So, instead of buying a BB cream that you will not be satisfied with, make your own and have fun in the process!