Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Once upon a time, girls who wore eyeglasses were seen as the least fashionable, but today eyeglasses have reached high-fashion-accessory-status. Worrying what makeup to wear with those glasses? It’s not a big deal! Geek is totally chic! There’s no more reason for you not to glam up just because your eyes are covered with frames.

In fact, having eyeglasses on draws attention to your face and eyes, so the goal to beauty is wearing makeup that enhances your best features and gives you that certain glow! This is why it’s essential that makeup should be neatly done from grooming your brows to dusting off that bronzer for a flawless finish. Here’s a simple guide on the best makeup tips for girls with glasses – day in and day out!

Frames – Choosing glasses is our main concern.  So I suggest you choose the right frame! We all have different face shapes – round, heart-shaped, square, oval. The right type of glasses or frame should accentuate your facial features.

  • Oval-shaped faces can use any type of frame. Talk about being lucky! If you’re in this category, you won’t have a hard time choosing frames because you’ll look good in any kind.
  • Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and a narrow pointed chin. When finding a pair of glasses, aim to lessen the width of the forehead and create an illusion to broaden the chin. Try the wayfarer, square, rectangle or oval frames.
  • Round faces have no lines and angles. Wide forehead, full cheeks and rounded chin. So when choosing glasses an angled or squared frame will make the face look slimmer and longer.
  • Squared faces have a wide forehead, broad cheeks and a boxy jaw line. A rounded or oval frame will look best on you.

Concealer – When applying concealer or a corrector on your face, brush the inner corner of the eye area. The glasses in your frames can highlight under-eye discoloration and darkness.

Blush Remember to first smile and swipe the blush brush across the apple of your cheek to the temple, falling to the jaw line. Don’t go over the top with the shade of blush; choose a subtle shade that complements your makeup and skin tone.

Neutral colors You can never go wrong with warm and neutral tones for the eyelids. If you have thick glasses I don’t suggest you do a smoky eye makeup or make it too dramatic. Subtle is sexy.

Mascara Using mascara will highlight your eyes. I suggest you use a volumizing mascara to make your lashes look thicker; a curling mascara will stick or hit the   lenses of your glasses.

Lipstick – Bright lippie colors pull away attention from the eyes and draw attention to the lips so make sure your lips are soft and supple. If you want to go daring and sexy go for red or hot pink.  You can also go for nude colors but some find it attractive seeing a woman in red lipstick with her glasses on (makes you look in authority and sultry).

Contouring – Don’t forget to highlight, contour and blush to enhance your face. Use a good bronzer to create illusion and define your cheekbones more. Make your contour game strong! It will give more structure and emphasize the middle of your face.

Eyebrows – Your brows are very important because they can either make or break the face. If you have thin eyebrows fill them in, just don’t darken them too dramatically. For thick brows always keep them groomed and in shape. Basically, eyebrows should be neatly shaped complementing the structure of your face and unveiling your eyes.