Modern Moms Are Under More Stress Than Ever

With our busy fast lives, modern moms are forced to juggle their family and career. But what they often forget while doing it is taking care of themselves. So they sleep less, socialize less and they put their whole lives on hold in order to take care of the children. The constant worry and wish to do everything right is exhausting for modern moms.

Even though the relationship between a mother and a child is incomparable to anything else, that bond causes mothers to be stressed and depressed and more so than in the past. There are numerous causes of stress in mothers.

Protecting the child – As a woman becomes a mom, suddenly the world seems like a much more dangerous place than it used to be. So from the birth of their little angel, they are under pressure to keep the house safe, child proof it and follow the child around so it doesn’t get hurt. But as the children grow older, it is more difficult to keep an eye on them. They start going to school, riding a bike, driving a car and moms are forced to sit at home and worry. And they are not only worried children will get physically hurt. They are obliged to worry about their mental health too. And they feel they need to protect their future too so it’s a constant fight.

Money – Financial stress is one of the worst ones when the baby comes. It often tears marriages apart and is a cause of many problems. The truth is, children cost a lot. Let’s start with the babies and all their demands – a stroller, a crib, clothes that are quickly grown out of, and daily needs such as food, diapers and medical care. And as they grow up, they need more expensive clothes, they want better phones and computers, they need money for school and college and they often don’t care how parents will provide it for them.

Lack of time – Even if days lasted 25 hours, it wouldn’t be enough for moms to take care of everything and still have some time for themselves. As we said, motherhood implies a constant balance between the child, career, housework, relationships and sometimes it gets pretty crazy. Moms are often faced with a lack of time for all the activities they need to or want to do. Imagine a mom who works full hours and still has to do the housework when she gets home. But what she really wants is to spend time with her children and husband and maybe read a little, or hit the gym. And even if the mom sacrifices her career for the sake of motherhood, she would still struggle to get everything done. A child requires constant care, and as much as moms love their little ones, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Neglecting other relationships – The child takes a central role in a mom’s life. That is completely normal. But with all that stress and lack of time, moms often tend to forget about other relationships in their lives. They start seeing their friends more rarely or even stop seeing them altogether and even start drifting apart from their husbands. This could be very dangerous but just picture all the work a mom needs to do and she is still expected to have energy to spend quality time with her partner. Not to mention the single moms, who often struggle to find time to date with all the difficult circumstances.

With all the stress, it is no wonder moms around the world get depressed. They are under constant pressure, they fight with their husbands and often miss a good night’s sleep. And with all that, they keep wondering “Am I doing a good job? Am I a good mother?” Being a mom is no easy task at all in this day and age. But it should be said, that moms are in a way superwomen, because they manage to overcome all these causes of stress. And there is a big sense of accomplishment when they see they did a good job at the end of the day.