Moving Up the Ladder: How to Reach Boss Position

“Boss level!!!”

If you know anyone who’s a gamer, then you’ve probably heard that shouted out at least once. It’s when the player has passed all the preliminary levels and is now face to face with the primary villain and victory is in sight. Just as soon as, you know, he manages to off the big bad.

In real life, however, you can’t just wait for the boss to drop dead so you can finally get the promotion you’ve been dreaming about for the last few years. And no, that statement isn’t an invitation to start thinking like a criminal.

There’s no shame in lusting after a promotion. After all, who wants to stay at the same boring, uninspiring, not very challenging job for the rest of their lives? And the money that comes with a promotion certainly isn’t unwelcome, either.

Career experts will tell you that it’s perfectly fine to start planning for your next job even while you’re just starting on your new one. Just as long as you don’t let it interfere with your job performance now, go ahead and dream big! However, you should know that promotions will not be given just because you prayed for it long and hard.

In today’s heavily competitive business environment, you have to learn to create your own path towards your goal.
So how can you reach that boss position you’ve been eyeing for some time? Here are the strategies you need to implement.

1. Find a mentor.

Studies found that 4 out of every 5 promotions happen for those with a mentoring relationship with a higher up. It helped that the mentor spread the good word about the mentee. So go ahead and develop a mentoring relationship to help you get ahead.

2. Record your successes.

Those who can deliver results have higher chances of getting ahead. That’s a fact. Make sure you keep a record of your successes and anything you did that helped improve the company’s bottom line. Innovation and creativity counts as well.

3. Promote yourself.

When it comes to the corporate world, modesty is not a virtue. With so many other employees after the same positions, it’s easy to get overlooked. Therefore, if you did something good, make sure people know about it, especially those that actually make the decisions on the promotions. Oh, and make them aware that you’re actually after a promotion. Sell yourself.

4. Bond with the Boss.

Your current supervisor will have a lot of say on whether you get promoted or not. So it would help to find opportunities to make him a supporter of your promotion goals. Using professional settings, seek his counsel.

Stress how much you like the company and how you’re seeing it as a long-term career. Come appraisal time, talk not only about your achievements. Ask what may be keeping you from getting ahead.

If you want to go beyond what you are right now, then you have to expand what you know. Learn new skills that are critical to your organization. Adapt to the many changes and improve your skill set.

Effective communication in the workplace means that more people will be aware of your value to the organization. The more your name is discussed among various departments, the better the chances your name will come up when the opportunity to promote someone arises.

5. Take more responsibilities.

This will show that you can take on more tasks and still be able to deliver well. It also increases your value within the company. But never take on more tasks than you can handle.

6. Be professional.

Build a solid reputation by always being dependable, professional and cooperative. Act the part. Look the part.

7. Be a team player.

You may be a superstar in your own mind, but when it comes to work, collaborations usually accomplish more. Again, effective communication will do wonders for you at the workplace.

8. Make it happen yourself.

Do not wait for opportunity to knock. If you see an area of the company that’s being neglected, and you know you can do something about it, then create a proposal for a new position.

If you want to move up the corporate ladder, you can’t just sit back and wait for people to notice you. To reach the boss position, you have to take action, too.