New Makeup Trend Conquering the Runway Shows

The makeup world keeps bringing changes and just as we think that nothing new can be done, makeup artists prove us wrong. Just like that, in the last couple of months a new trend has been storming the catwalk.

This new trend presents eyes without mascara!

Eyelashes without mascara were first shown on models strutting down the runway, presenting fashion houses such as Prada, Alexander Wang and Caroline Herrera.

This represents a complete opposite of the glamorous look with a lot of mascara and fake eyelashes, which we are used to seeing on the faces of famous divas, who are always trying to look their best.

There is no question why this trend is so popular these days. It carries a gentle and natural look, but without erasing the glamorousness, if, of course, the rest of the makeup is accordingly combined.

Pat McGrath combined ‘naked eyelashes’ with red lips on Prada’s runway show, and the models on the Alexander Wang’s show wore minimalistic makeup, matte faces with no additional makeup.

The same makeup artist for the Alexander Wang’s show, Diane Kendal, did a show for Caroline Herrera, where models wore only grey eye shadow, and the lashes were left intact.

Before you dismiss this trend saying how it is only for models and runway shows, think again.

Lashes without mascara can look beautiful, and skipping this step does not mean that the whole face should be left without makeup. However, be careful not to look like you ran out of your apartment forgetting to apply mascara. Well adjusted makeup is a crucial part of this look.

Professional makeup artist Charlotte Willer says that a well nurtured skin is the most important factor for this look. In a way, you can hide behind the mascara and divert the attention from the rest of the face to the eyes. Without this product, it is only logical to conclude that your skin must look perfect. Or you can make it look like it is perfect.

You can achieve this effect by hiding the dark circles beneath your eyes with a little help of concealer and BB creams that will make the skin look natural and have a healthy glow. Try not to use heavy foundations or face powders that are visible, because everything on your face should look natural. The very last step is the most important one. Don’t forget to curl your lashes to create an impression of wide open eyes.

Considering that the eyes are not emphasized, you can highlight the lips with a powerful lip gloss or lipstick for an evening combination, and you can freely put eye shadow and pencil on your eyes.

Having said all this, the fact is that mascara is most certainly not healthy for your lashes. It damages the lashes and increases falling out, especially if you are of the lazy ones who go to bed with their makeup still on.

Next time you are wearing makeup, try not to use mascara. Instead, gently curl the lashes and put on a thin layer of castor oil or coconut butter. Any product you use for your hair care will be good too. Other than the fact that these products will make them shine and look beautiful, lashes will be nourished and they will grow faster.