Paradise Island – Welcome to the Bahamas

One of the favorite places for tourists who want to experience heaven-like beaches and vacations, the Bahamas are a group of 700 islands formed on coral reefs close to the coast of Florida. These islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean and the name Bahamas means ‘shallow water’ in Spanish. This is the place where the water is so clean that you can see what’s on the bottom even when swimming or sailing in the deepest parts of the ocean. The water here is clearer than in any other part of the planet.

Once you see the Bahamas, you will realize that this kind of beauty is something you have never seen before, nowhere, no matter how much you traveled and what different places you’ve been to. Twenty nine of the Bahamas’ islands are uninhabited and the nature untouched by human hand and unspoiled by industrialization and overcrowding.

  • No communication problems; the official language is English.

If you decide to go there for your vacation, you don’t have to worry about not being understood, as the official language spoken on the islands is English. Understanding the locals, however, is a different story. Westerns and Europeans find it difficult to understand the dialect spoken by the islanders, especially those living in the outer islands. This is because the locals speak very fast and use their indigenous phrases. However, this slight language barrier will not keep you from getting what you want or making friends in the Bahamas, because they are always willing to help and they are generally a very friendly people. As for the crime, you can relax because it can almost be said to be non-existent here.

You can get to know the rich wildlife of the Bahamas, from various types of crabs that can be seen on the beaches, to the wild horses of Abaco. There are also many amazing and interesting birds, of which parrots and pigeons indigenous to the area are the most commonly spotted ones.

  • We recommend water sports and eco-tours.

You can get to the Bahamas by plane or by boat, and when in the Bahamas, don’t miss water sports, kite-boarding, island boat tours or excursions where you can see dolphins. Basically, wherever you go on these islands, you will be close to water, so missing the water activities would be a pity. Speaking of, the water here is amazing, and the temperature is around 80°F throughout the entire year. Getting into these waters is like getting into a warm bath, but many times more enjoyable. There are many kinds of cruise excursions you can go to, including the Booze Cruise, the Flying Could, and many other, but you could also enjoy land activities such as gambling at some of the many casinos in the Bahamas, or going to some of the various eco-tours where you have the opportunity to see and become familiar with the wild life. If you have children, they will enjoy the Bahamas as well, as there are many activities intended specifically for children.

If you love spending time in nature, there are organized activities that include long walks, you can go hiking through nature, or on some other Eco Adventures. But if you don’t like anything organized, you can explore the Bahamas on your own – you can rent a vehicle and go wherever you want all over the islands, at your own pace and convenience.

If you are looking for some night time entertainment, you will find it here. There are also many festivals throughout the year you will surely enjoy if you decide to visit. These festivals most often take place during the summer, which is perfect if you are spending your summer vacations on these islands. The most famous festivals are the Goombay in Nassau, Rack ‘n’ Scrap on the Cat Island and Pineapple in Eleuthera.

  • Explore Nassau, the capital city.

If you are more in the mood for some cultural events, there are museums, galleries and historic sites that you can visit.  One of the most visited places in the Bahamas is Nassau which is also the capital, and is modernly built and represents a mixture of old colonial and modern architecture. It is definitely something you will not be sorry about if you decide to visit and explore.

  • Versailles Gardens: a place for the wedding of your dreams.

Another place that many people decide to go to, especially when planning their wedding, is the Versailles Gardens. These gardens are actually a big park which is decorated with statues made of bronze and marble. What makes this park so beautiful and picturesque are the fountains and waterfalls that people come from all around the world to see. The wedding ceremonies in this park take place on a hill close to the monastery. This is an amazing wedding destination if you like nature, luxurious designs and peaceful energy that rules in this space.

  • Bahamian cuisine.

When you come to the Bahamas, you will be amazed with the national Bahamian cuisine. It mostly includes seafood, tropical fruits, peas, rice, etc. They are not afraid of experimenting with spices, and if you are brave enough to try what they make for you, you will realize what people are talking about when they speak about the fabulous food they ate in the Bahamas. The national food in the Bahamas is a meal made of clam conch, and they make appetizers, main courses and salads using the marine snail. This is again something that might sound risky, but most of those who tried it were not disappointed. After all, it’s not without reason that people say “Without risk there is no reward”. If you decide to give it a shot, you will not be sorry. But if you are too conservative, there are plenty other dishes you can try here without shocking your taste buds.

The Bahamas are a place with the best beaches in the world – from those filled with tourists to those in the uninhabited places. The national parks and tropical gardens only make these islands more picturesque and heighten the experience you will have in the Bahamas. There really isn’t a place like it in the whole world.