Personalize Your Workout Plan

This year is almost over, and I’m sure you all have your New Year’s resolutions. Main ones include plans such as stop smoking, call parents more, and the most popular resolution that we all make is to start working out. How many times did it happen to you that you join the gym at the beginning of the year, and then a month later, you realize that you’ve been there once or twice? And every year is the same, I guess.

The problem with gyms is that people who go there are usually already buff and in perfect shape, and they admire people like them. And you? In your sweatshirt, trying to lose weight and actually do something healthy for your body, you get frustrated and agitated by these perfect bodies. But don’t be stressed. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay on track and exercise in the way that will be most pleasing for your body.

The main trick is to know your body. To listen to what it has to say. I know that this may sound a little crazy, but this actually works. What I mean by saying that you listen, is that not every workout plan is suitable for every body. The type of your body doesn’t play a role here, because we all have almost the same muscle structure. You need to know what you are comfortable doing and what not. Maybe squats are not your cup of tea, or maybe the best workout for you is yoga. Plus, it is not necessary to be a gym member to work out. Maybe you don’t have the time to commute to the gym or you feel more comfortable at your own home. The secret is, you don’t need fancy machines to stay in shape and have a great, healthy body.

When it comes to working out, the most common mistake people make is repetitiveness. They go online, google ‘workout plan’, find one that seems most suitable, and then stick to it every day. And all they can achieve is muscle pain and boredom. My advice to you is to try and personalize your workout plan, meaning that you should first decide what you want to achieve and then make a schedule. Exercise every second day of the week, especially if you are a beginner at exercising, because muscles that have not been activated in a longer period of time tend to ache if they are filled with lactic acid. Next, make sure you train only one group of muscles at a time. Or, if you want to lose weight fast, combine all of the exercises into one. It should go like this:

  1. Stretch out your body, standing on the ground with hands held high over your head to even out the spine.
  1. Do a squat.
  1. Then sit on the floor and do one crunch.
  1. Turn on your stomach and do one pushup.
  1. Then do a 5 second planking exercise, after which you can rest for a minute or two.
  1. After a rest, do a pushup, then a crunch and a squat, and after all that, repeat stretching out.

Notice how all of the exercises are singular – that is because you should do it one at a time, to avoid getting cramps or experiencing pain. You can repeat this combination of exercises more than once, but no more than five times per workout. You’ll see how there is no tiredness after working out, the pain is reduced and you’ll feel great and eager to continue with your day. No unnecessary counting, no tears. Also, with this mixture of exercises, the blood in your body will speed up the flow, and your body will produce serotonin – the happiness hormone.

Just because someone said you should do fifty crunches and pushups a day until you get hernia, doesn’t mean they’re right. You should always do what suits you best and remember to listen to your body.