Running is Boring? Think Again!

When you have been running for a time and have begun to feel that it’s repetitive and boring, it might be high time you introduced something new to your training routine and add some spice in your running career. This is the only way you would be able to continue running because once you lose interest in it, you’ll soon find yourself making up excuses not to run until you completely stop. Before that happens, read up on some tips that can make your running experience more enjoyable.

1. Vary Your Routine

Instead of just plain running every week, why not add a little extra? For example, bring a Frisbee with you on one of your runs. Throw it, run after it and see how fast you can get it before it reaches the ground. This makes for a good workout because you will be speeding up and changing your direction constantly. It’ll make your run more challenging. Be creative, think about what motivates you, and try to introduce these things into your running routine.

2. Explore

You must be sticking to one route or path since you started jogging. Try exploring different jogging paths. You could opt to go running on the street, in the park, or even in a hiking area. A change in the scenery will undoubtedly make your runs more interesting.

3. Find a Running Partner

Instead of going for a cup of coffee, find a friend with whom you can run with. This can be tough since you will need to find someone who can match your pace or someone who can challenge you. You could enjoy running side by side and could also share running anecdotes while getting your exercise. A great running partner will not just motivate you to test your limits but will also make you look forward to your runs.

4. Join a Race

Even if you’re really running just to exercise, joining a race can turn your goal into a different one. It will make you focus more on your breathing and stamina. You will be working on your goal until race day comes. After the race, you can resume your normal runs or start preparing for your next race. It gets more and more challenging, but the feeling you get when you finish a race is priceless.

5. Bring Your Dog With You

You are not the only one who needs to exercise regularly. You pet dog also needs some outdoor running. Bring your pet with you so that instead of focusing on yourself only, you will find that your attention will be occupied with your canine companion. You will have to vary your pace according to your pet’s own speed and preference. And your dog will thank you for the chance to run with you.

Whatever way you try to freshen-up your routine, the bottom line is never give up running. Running is the simplest form of exercise that you can have. It’s cheap, convenient and doesn’t take too much of your time. You can do it any time you want and almost anywhere you want. Just try to make up ways to make it interesting for yourself. You have already started it, don’t give up just yet. Whether you goal is to lose those pesky extra pounds or to get fit enough to run a marathon, stay committed to running, enjoy it, and you will reap the rewards.