Say Goodbye To Stress In 10 Easy Steps

Stress is a prevalent cause of major diseases affecting people worldwide. It is so common that people have begun an earnest search on the best and easiest ways to reduce stress. Stress is our body’s reaction to difficult situations around us. It is the coping mechanism of our body. Being under constant stress leaves our body overly active from within, thus a lot of stressed out people have high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, inability to sleep and even extreme sensitivity or aggressiveness.

Breathe Your Way to Relax

Proper breathing can be beneficial especially when you are at work and just have a short time to diffuse stressful situations. Breathe deeply from the nose and exhale slowly from the mouth while counting from one to ten. There are a lot of breathing exercises you may wish to learn and use in your everyday life. You can try out different ones and use the one that helps you the most.

Do Aromatherapy

When you are at home and about to end a stressful day, try to do some aromatherapy. It helps to clear your mind and lulls you to a peaceful sleep. Lavender and rosemary have been known to work wonders on relaxation, so why not put a few drops of an essential oil on your pillow? Or you could take a nice hot bath with essential oils and just lay back and relax.

Exercise to a Better Life

Regular runners say that there is no better feeling than the one you get when you finish your daily run. Exercising is a sure-fire way for you to expel stress from your life. Regular exercise gives you time to think things thoroughly and also releases hormones, like serotonin, that can lift your mood. An additional benefit of exercising is that it keeps you fit and healthy!

Organize It

Keeping your work-place and home organized is also a way for you to avoid stressful situations. Working in a messy area keeps your brain thinking on several different things at the same time and it gets hard to concentrate on just one chore.

Pamper Yourself

Go ahead and have that much awaited, but always postponed massage. After having a massage, you will find yourself ready to face any challenges ahead. And remember, this shouldn’t be a once in a year occurrence, try to find time for pampering yourself at least once a week.

Write It Down

Have you tried writing down your thoughts? Writing or keeping a journal actually helps you release the pent up emotions and also gives you a different perspective on the issue. This is especially helpful for those who are on the verge of making important decisions in life.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Plan your day ahead and stick to it. Sticking to your schedule gives you focus and a goal to work on. It also helps you avoid missing out on deadlines which are a great source of stress. Managing your time wisely means managing your stress.

Identify What Triggers Your Stress

Take a step back and see what causes stress in your life. Once you have identified it, you can now take steps to solve it or to eliminate it completely from your life. Again, when identifying the source of your stress, it is good to write down your thoughts as it will give you several perspectives on the problem.

Learn to Say NO

Some people take in too much responsibility that they get over tasked. You are not Superman, if you feel like you cannot take on your colleague’s request, gently say no. It will prevent you from raising your stress levels.

Eat Healthy

Introduce healthier foods into your diet. Take more tea instead of coffee and add more energy-giving products (e.g. almonds, bananas, salmon, sweet potatoes, and many more) to your daily meals. It will give you enough strength to face all the daily challenges.


We shouldn’t let stress hinder us from living a normal and healthy life. You also wouldn’t want to develop more life threatening problems due to it, right? Stress will naturally appear due to the modern way of life. But it is like fire, if we control stress it can’t hurt us. Don’t let stress get the better of you and make you lead a miserable life.