Shopping for Your Curves

As the saying goes, if you got it, flaunt it. Instead of trying to hide your curves behind baggy clothes, learn how to dress to accentuate and enhance your figure. Shopping for your body is all about fit and style. Below are several clothing options for full-figured women.

Dresses are a curvy girl’s best friend, concealing extra bulk around the butt and stomach by cinching the waist below the ribcage, making it appear narrower. Empire waists are another great choice for those looking to conceal their stomach. Since they fit near the smallest part of a woman’s waistline, they create the illusion of a smaller waist by covering up extra girth below with loose fabric. Also try A-line skirts and dresses that create lines moving away from the body. Avoid mini dresses that make you look shorter and tight-fitted dresses made from loose fabrics that cling to your body like silk or satin.

When looking for pants, opt for a dark wash jean with a flare that fits snuggly around the hip. Avoid pants in lighter colors or busy prints, and seek thicker fabrics. Be careful not to wear pants that fit tightly around the mid-section, creating the dreaded “muffin top” effect; pants should always be easy to get into. Contrary to popular opinion, skinny jeans are not off-limits for curvy women. In fact, they can be quite flattering. Pair them with a loose-fitting shirt like a tunic that extends past the butt but well above the knee.

The key is to know your shape and look for clothes that balance your body. If you are top-heavy, for example, look for pants that flare at the bottom to create proportion. Once you know what to look for, it’s easy to find clothing that accentuates and celebrates your curves.