Sizzling Tourist Hotspots in Italy

Because of its cultural richness and beautiful sites, Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its major cities have a long and colorful history and have been attracting tourists for centuries now. Besides its culture, Italy also has many wonderful coasts, lakes and mountains.

This country is not perfect, old heritage sites have suffered the touch of time and development, but Italy remains one of the greatest tourist places in the world and it still has a lot to offer. Once you go there, you will want to go again and again.

If you are thinking about visiting Italy, it will probably be difficult to decide where to go, and for that reason we have made a list of several sizzling tourist hotspots that you will surely enjoy if you decide to visit.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

This famous tower is one of the world’s most treasured sites. Its construction lasted for around 177 years. When it started being built, soon it began to sink because the foundations were poorly made. When the constructors continued building it, after leaving it untouched for almost a century, they built it with floors with one side taller to make up for the leaning part. This tower has 296 steps, and from 2001, it has been welcoming all those who wish to climb it.


Today, Pompeii is visited by more than 2,500,000 people every year, which makes it one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Italy. In the year 79 AD, the volcano Vesuvius erupted and covered Pompeii with ash and soil. This city was covered for many years before it was excavated and the remains of houses, baths, temples, streets, etc. were found almost untouched by time.

Lake Como

Lake Como, one of the most scenic areas in the entire Italy, is surrounded by mountains and small traditional vivid towns. It is attractive because of its fresh air, mountains, and beautiful water. Mostly wealthy people come to this lake as it has many old villas and palaces which date back to Roman times and that rich people find enjoyable. But Lake Como is not only a place for the rich, there are offers for regular budgets, and everyone who decides to come here will enjoy the mild climate that resembles that of the Mediterranean.


This is a small town on the Amalfi Coast which is famous for its scenic beauty and wonderful picturesque cities, and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Positano stretches from the hills to the coast. It lost most of its population in the 19th century, but during the 20th century it was discovered by tourists and went from being a poor fishing town to a wealthy tourist site. This prosperity probably came with the help of John Steinbeck, the author who wrote about the amazing beauty he experienced and enjoyed when he visited Positano.

Duomo di Firenze – Santa Maria del Fiore

Duomo (from the Latin word “domus”, meaning “house”) is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world and it is also called the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The cathedral has long been the symbol of the city of Florence. Construction of the cathedral lasted from the 13th to the 15th century, and its most important and famous piece, the dome, was finished in the 1435 by Filippo Brunelleschi. This dome is still the largest brick dome ever built, and it was the largest of all domes until modern times. The belfry of this church has 82 meters in height, and tourists can climb it and enjoy the wonderful view.

Vatican City

Vatican City is not a large city, but it is home to the world’s largest Catholic church, St. Peter’s Basilica. There is also a great collection of art in this city, as the Sistine Chapel contains many of Michelangelo’s paintings on its walls and ceiling, as well as of many other famous Italian artists. It’s true that if you visit Vatican, you will not see many local residents, as there are only around 800 people living there, but one of those people is the Pope. If you enjoy in art and culture, you will not be sorry if you decide to visit Vatican City.

Not to sound like a tourist agent, but Italy truly is one of the best tourist destinations out there. You have great food, fine wines, a rich cultural heritage and wonderful cities waiting to be explored. So, grab your ticket and enjoy in everything Italy has to offer!