Snake Venom Is the Main Ingredient in These 5 Beauty Products

You’ve probably watched numerous TV documentaries about venomous snakes and maybe even encountered some of them and saw how dangerous they can be. Some like ‘em, even keep them in the house as a pet, while others fear ‘em. But what you probably couldn’t have ever imagined is that some use snake venom as a part of anti-aging products and put the venom on their face.

Namely, beauty brands have been trying over the years to find non-surgical procedures to reduce wrinkling, and Pentapharm (a Swiss company) first tried to use synthetic snake venom in their beauty products, and found that these products in fact have the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for those women who applied the products regularly.

Several celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss, have tried beauty products containing snake venom in order to make themselves look younger. Whether you can see yourself doing that as well, or you’re just curious, here are 5 beauty products in which snake venom is the main ingredient.

1. Nip and Fab Viper Venom Kit

This beauty product is meant for treating wrinkles around the eyes, the place where they are usually most visible, as well as the rest of the face. It costs $40 and the producers promise that if you use it regularly, your eyes and face will be smoother, look more rested and younger. As the name suggests, the main ingredient in the Nip and Fab Viper Venom Kit is synthetic viper venom, and in the package you get the wrinkle cream for your face, as well as one for around the eyes.

2. Ultraluxe MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF 30 BODY

This product allegedly has two purposes – to protect you from the harmful sun rays and keep your skin looking young. This is the only beauty product containing snake venom that can be applied on the body as well, and the fact that many people (mostly women) believe that they need creams to tighten their body and look a couple of years younger, no wonder this product sells well.

Besides reducing wrinkles and smoothing your skin, this cream also offers sun protection.  Besides the snake venom, this product also contains apple stem technology that helps the skin maintain a youthful look. Ultraluxe MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF 30 Body can be bought for around $57, if you manage to get to it before thousands of other women do.

3. Transformulas Wrinkle Block Line Restriction Crème

The producers of this beauty product promise that with this cream you will see the effects of Botox, but without needles or other cosmetic procedures.

Basically, this would mean that you can look much younger without even visiting a cosmetic surgeon. For around $58, this cream is supposed to make your skin smoother and your wrinkles much less visible, and with the help of vitamin E contained in the product, it also softens the skin. Transformulas suggests applying the product in the morning and at night, but they also claim that you will see amazing results if you apply it several times a day and it supposedly has a great effect even if you apply it over makeup.

4. Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum

One of the more expensive beauty products that contain synthetic snake venom as their main ingredient is Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum which is reportedly also one of the best ones. After using this product, your face ‘freezes’, as it would if you were bitten by a snake.

It is supposed to reduce wrinkles, make your skin softer and brighter, making the tone of your skin equal.  Besides the snake venom, this serum also contains other ingredients which help slow down the aging process, such as pomegranate tannins and others. A bottle of this serum (0.8 ounces) costs $162, but big promises are made about its effectiveness, so many women buy it thinking it’s worth it.

5. Planet Skincare Platinum Crème Excellence

A 100 ml jar of this product costs around $265 and for that price, Planet Skincare promises that you will have less fine lines and wrinkles, as well as softer skin. Besides the synthetic snake venom, which is the main ingredient in this product, Platinum Crème Excellence also contains several other ingredients that have an anti-aging effect, including platinum colloid, vitamin E and Shea butter.

Studies about snake venom in cosmetics are conflicted, but there aren’t any conclusive scientific data which would back up the claim that it is harmless.  There isn’t enough evidence to show that snake venom in cosmetics has negative effects, but there isn’t any scientific evidence to show that it doesn’t, either. So whether you will choose to risk using these products for the sake of beauty is entirely up to you.