Speak Like a Pro: The Million Dollar Vocabulary

Communication has always been one of the basic keys to success. When you speak well, people tend to listen to you more and they also tend to take you more seriously. You will need to captivate your audience and be able to express your thoughts and ideas clearly. Communication is not only done orally. There are also some movements and unspoken acts that can strongly deliver your message. Doing all of these at the same time will help you become successful. They say great public speakers are born and not made, but there are always some tricks of the trade which will help you in becoming a great orator.

Read, Study and Learn

This is very important. Reading and studying helps you to learn different words and ways to convey your idea. It enriches your vocabulary and helps you become more creative. Watch how other speakers talk. Pay attention to their facial expressions and hand gestures. Basically, pick up every single detail, learn from the experts and get tips from them if you can.

Posture is Important

Who said that communication is just speaking words? How you stand or sit also communicates different ideas to others. If you stand confidently or if you are sitting up straight, it expresses that you are focused on what you’re doing and that you know what you are speaking about. It also shows how much you value their time and attention.

Using Tools

Tools during a presentation could be invaluable. It could make your proposal more easily understood. It also indicates that you invested time in the presentation, and have prepared well in advance.

Move and Use Your Body

When speaking in front of an audience, try to move around a bit or use hand gestures to make you appear livelier. Just imagine how boring it is to watch someone who is just standing in the podium and talking. People “listen” to nonverbal communication with their eyes and you want to come off as self-assured and confident in what you are talking about.

Show Enthusiasm

Have you ever heard the late Steve Jobs holding a speech? Even a tech novice would get enthusiastic about the new gadget when Jobs would present it. It’s because he had that enthusiasm which would spread to other people in a heartbeat. This is something that is crucial, you must show enthusiasm in what you are speaking about, or it will seem that even you are bored and uninterested in what you have to say.

Preparation is the Key

Different audiences require different speaking techniques. Read on about the audience that you will be facing and try to find out what the interests of the majority are. This will help you understand how to approach them. If you pay attention to the audiences’ needs, the audience will pay attention to you.

Use of Vocabulary

Make sure that the words that you use are easily understandable and age or audience appropriate. You are in front of them to impart some knowledge that you have, you don’t want them to be more confused than when you started.

Welcome Questions

This is crucial in any speaking engagements that you do. Allow your audience some time to ask you questions. This phase will help you gauge if you have effectively shared your knowledge, if your audience took notice and listened to you and if there are any parts that you need to discuss again or clarify.


There are many elements in becoming a successful speaker. Those that we have mentioned above are the basics and something that you have to incorporate in all your speaking activities. Once you have gotten used to it, your confidence will grow and it will show. People will recognize your talent and will gravitate towards you for more. Keep in mind that the goals of effective speakers will always be to impart the information in a great way and to capture the audience’s attention.