Stop Sabotaging Yourself

There are so many ways that we unconsciously sabotage ourselves. By doing this, we constantly lower our own self confidence which then means that we limit ourselves in things that we actually want to achieve. Usually, we want something, but we tell ourselves that we can’t do it, or that it would be too hard for us, or that we will fail if we try. Because of these statements, we don’t even try to get what we want anymore. We miss so many opportunities because of self-sabotage.

Most of us actually aren’t aware that we are doing this to ourselves. We do it so often that we don’t realize the effects that it has on our lives. This leads to us not achieving anything because we stop ourselves before we even start. It really is something that kills our dreams and aspirations.

For most people, when they don’t succeed in something or when they don’t even try to achieve something, they blame it on outside factors. We blame it on lack of opportunities or that we aren’t being given the credit we deserve or that we just don’t have the time to go for our dreams. These are all part of sabotaging yourself because in blaming others, you don’t feel the need to take action.

When do you know that you are sabotaging yourself?

The first thing that tells you that you are sabotaging yourself is when you want to do something and yet you just don’t go ahead and do it. You don’t know why, but you just can’t bring yourself to start this thing. You may not be aware, but you probably told yourself so many negative statements already, like the statements mentioned above.

When you procrastinate, telling yourself that you will do it later, or tomorrow, or “someday”, then that is already sabotage. You are putting something off that you can very well do right now. If you know yourself, you will know that when you put things off for “someday”, you really won’t get to it done at all. You’re just lying to yourself, saying you will do it sometime in the future, but really you’re not going to do anything about it.

When you worry about so many little things about something you want to do, instead of just actually taking action, then that is also sabotage. You distract yourself with petty issues, things that really do not matter, instead of just doing whatever it is that you want to achieve.

When you get angry at other people because you think that it is their fault that you are not getting the success you want, then you are not only compromising your relationships with them, but you are also believing in the lie that you don’t have anything to do with your failure. If it isn’t your fault, in your mind, then you won’t do anything about it. This creates a vicious circle of not taking action, nor responsibility.

To stop sabotaging yourself, you simply have to be aware that you are doing it. Stop getting your confidence down and do something about what you want to achieve. Taking action is all it takes.