Store Your Jewelry Safely

Jewelry storing can be a tricky business, since necklaces and bracelets tend to tangle and if you don’t know how to untangle them, they can break. Instead of buying super expensive jewelry boxes, be artistic and make a decorative jewelry storage that is unique to your taste and home.

Here are some ideas:

  • The most basic idea for storing your jewelry is by using a coat hanger. You may wonder what a coat hanger has to do with bracelets, but all you will need is a hammer and some nails. Begin by marking the desired distance between the nails on a coat hanger, and all you have to do then is hammer those nails in, and you’re done. Then arrange bracelets and necklaces in an order that pleases you, and attach the coat/jewelry hanger on the wall. You can later re-use this coat hanger for your scarves.
  • Another super easy idea is using wire frames. Head on and buy some chicken wire and a frame, or you can re-use your old wooden frame. Paint the frame to your desired color and attach the wire from the back side of the frame. This is a super easy and effective way to store earrings, and by adding a few nails on the bottom of the frame, you can hang necklaces as well.
  • Storing your bracelets is super easy with beer bottles, or any smaller-sized bottles. Take off the label from the bottle, wash it with hot water to remove the glue residue from the bottles, and paint it or leave it see-through. Stack on your bracelets in the order you want them to be, and that’s it, easy as that.
  • A more creative way is using a corkboard. Corkboards are super easy to work with, especially since you can move things around without leaving any trails. You can spice things up a bit by attaching decorated empty tape rolls to the board. Be creative and have fun with this re-usable item that is a must-have in your home.
  • If you want to be more nature friendly and not spend any money on this project, use twigs. They are great not only because you can cut them off a tree, but also because they are easily manageable and give a rustic chic look to the room. Re-use your old belt to attach twigs to the wall, by cutting the belt in half, folding it and nailing the belt pieces to the wall. Put on some S hooks on the twig and place the twig in the belt holder.
  • In a similar manner you can use branches, which are also a great, nature friendly and cheap way to hang your necklaces. Pick up some branches, put them in an old jar that you don’t use anymore, and place the necklaces to your liking. Easy, fast and fun!
  • Another creative way to store jewelry is an item that you can find in your own kitchen – a grater. Just spray paint it in the desired color, and add glitter or lace on the top, for an extra chic look. Place earrings on the outside and bracelets on the inside, hidden.

You can play around with the ideas, mix a couple of the mentioned elements, add new, or even make a home project with your children, letting them express themselves.