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6 Extremely Rich People Who Didn’t Graduate from College

Most people go to college in order to acquire a degree which will be the basis for getting a good job and having a good pay check. However, this is not always the case, and there are people who either didn’t go to college at all or dropped out, but gathered bulks of money regardless. Some of them inherited a …

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10 Different Strategies that Financially Successful People Use

Is the middle class “jealous” of the financially successful people? Is Gina Rinehart, the world’s richest woman correct in saying they drink, smoke and socialize instead of working to earn their fortune? Rinehart’s words may be a little harsh and hurtful. But maybe she has a point. When it comes to the rich and their fortune, the separation is more …

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10 Ways to Think Like a Rich Person

To become rich, you first have to think like a rich person. Forming the right mentality is the root of all wealth. Here are ten ways that will help you adopt the attitude of a rich person: 1. Buy assets, not liabilities This is a very basic lesson on getting rich. Assets add value to your portfolio while liabilities reduce …

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