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When to Call for a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve had a car accident and nobody was hurt, there is probably no need to call a car accident lawyer. However, if you or someone who was with you in the car was injured in the accident, particularly if the injures are permanent or they caused inability to go to school or work for a significant amount of time, …

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11 Most Shocking Auto Insurance Scams

Insurance scams are the most common type of financial fraud in the United States, immediately after tax evasion. These frauds are so common that more than 30% of those who claim amends have no basis for it. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, these staged accidents are happening more and more often, as from 2008 to 2011 there was …

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Do You Need to Buy the Rental Car Insurance?

These days, add-ons are a fact of life. You could go buy something as varied as a fast food combo meal and a computer, and you’d amazingly be offered add-ons on both. This is also true if you’re booking a rental car. Whether you need the car for business or pleasure, the person behind the desk at the car rental …

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