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How to Prevent Identity Theft

If you think that having your house locked up at night keeps you safe from thieves – you’re wrong. Criminals have developed new ways of stealing personal data which doesn’t even require them to break into your house. Sometimes thieves lurk in public places, watching you from a close distance when you type your credit card number into your phone …

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Top 7 Credit Card Safety Tips

With the development of technology and the modernization of business and almost every other aspect of life, people seem to have stopped using cash completely. You can pay for almost everything with your credit card, from your meals at restaurants and groceries at stores, to online shopping items. Now, since robbing you on the street has lost its point as …

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The Risks of Using Debit Cards

Debit cards were introduced about a decade ago. They were advertised as an alternative to credit cards being that they were linked to your checking account rather than an interest seeking bank. But there are some downsides to using debit cards of which we should all be aware. Overuse Somehow we have transferred our credit card mentality to the debit …

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