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7 Professions with the Highest Rates of Suicide

People go through various steps of education to reach the necessary level and be able to do a certain job. These days, people have a wide variety of professions to pick from and it is easier than ever to choose what you really want to do. However, there are many people unsatisfied with their jobs, and it seems that people …

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Do You Practice Emotional First Aid? No – Well You Should

Do You Practice Emotional First Aid? No – Well You Should Renowned psychologist Guy Winch gave an eye-opening lecture on the importance of maintaining our emotional health, just as we would maintain our physical health in top condition. Psychologist Guy Winch, Ph.D., and the author of “Emotional First Aid”, states that if you have a medical problem – like if …

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7 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired

Everybody wants more energy: energy to do more, be more productive, get more done or just simply BE more. Another reason why we desire more energy is because most of us we feel tired all the time. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, at any given time one in five people feels unusually tired and one in 10 has …

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