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Celebrity diets

Good nutrition is vital when it comes to celebrities. Many world-wide known superstars are ready to abstain from various food and keep their super lines and look. Some celebrities are even ready to go that far and forget about all the food which provides them with pleasure. Check celebrity Instagram accounts for more info. Keto diet is very popular for …

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3 Reasons Why Eating on Schedule is Better Than Eating When Hungry

“Eat only when hungry” is possibly the worst advice anyone can give you. Eating on schedule is always better than eating only when you feel hunger pangs. These are the reasons why: 1. The body needs constant and frequent nutrition. The human body needs to be frequently nourished. Even if you don’t think you’re hungry, your body is already burning …

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A Mediterranean Diet Proves Best for Your Health

A diet? More likely a way of life – THE right way of life. Many studies suggest and provide evidence on the beneficial properties of a Mediterranean diet.  At the Harokopio University in Athens, scientists have come to the discovery that the benefits that this diet brings are better than exercising on a daily basis. These results are the same …

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